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For Levanja

Riven is the veil,
In twilight haze.
Lost the trail;
An infinite maze.
Broken the root,
In divine soil.
The chant turned mute;
Ended, the mortal coil.
Crimson rain,
On sunny morning.
Short eternal pain;
Etherous my mourning.
Garden of gloam,
Burned to cold ash.
Ravaged home;
Decayed the flesh.
The fountain dried,
Marble crumbling.
The garden died;
Tremor and rumbling.
Winterblossom torn,
Petals withered and pale.
Eternally sworn;
But riven is the veil.

Levanja, otherwise known as “Winterblossom”.

When the Seasons change from Winter into Spring, it is said that the spirits of the seasons meet.
Sometimes the spirits of winter and spring fall in love with one another.

But since Winter will end, and Spring will begin, their love has no future.

Weeping for their love, the spirits lament the ill fate of their love.
Where ever their tears land in the snow the Winterblossom sprouts:
Petals of ice, only a hint differently coloured.

Symbol of love.

Table Top Day

Happy international tabletop day!
Playing settlers of Catan with my wife, my best friend, as well as J. and G.

Have a great evening!

Beating the virtual (part 2)

So back in my youth, well okay, younger, days I was playing World of Warcraft.

I stopped though.

To a certain degree I did it because it was an absolute waste of my time, but to the most part I guess because Blizzard destroyed my favorite class with one of the updates during the add on “Wrath of the Lich King”.

But lets take one step at a time.

I played a WARLOCK!

At first, it is one of those stupid classes that can only wear cloth and no leather, chainmail or heavy armor. It’s one of the Mana drinking classes that need … special attention.

But back when I started Warcraft it was still considered a bad ass class. By some at least.

By sheer accident I discovered I can do pretty bad ass shit with a warlock. At least on a Player versus Environment scale.

You see some monsters in Warcraft are Elite. Meaning they make more damage and are capable of taking pretty much of it too before kicking the bucket and dropping your rewards in doing so.

Just by running into one that usually took two to three guys to kill I discovered that when I send in one of my summoned demons – the so named “Voidwalker” – I can keep that motherfucker off my back and kill him over time.

So I sent in the void, placed some Damage over Time spells on the fucker and started healing my demon – with my own life’s energy. Then I renewed the DoTs and drained life from the enemy to myself. Just to pass it on to my Voidwalker in the next moment.

And that went on for a few moments and the son of a bitch finally died.

The Warlock could summon four demons:

The Imp – a nasty little creature that deals a little damage but also can increase your health (and that of your group) just by being around.

The Voidwalker – can divert attention from you and take a lot of hits.

The other two were SHIT! Never saw anyone use those.

But the later three, all required a “Soulshard” to summon. You produced that when you drain your enemy shortly before it’s dying.

In some quest the Warlock could get one of three items, in a dungeon; which is a place filled with elite enemies, and main bosses. You do not go in there ALONE! Even as a warlock.

The other two items in that quest were uninteresting crap. The third was a piece of jewelery. When activated you could summon a Voidwalker without using a soulshard.

With or without the shard a Warlock summoned like this:

Summoning, summoning, summoning, summoning, summoning, summoning, summoning, summoning – TADAAAA: Demon.

In a higher level you could unlock a talent that reduced the cost of mana, and the cost of time to summon ANY Demon to ZERO! That went on like that:


You can guess that the talent and the jewelery combined were pretty cool. Given that both had a timer that allowed to use it only once every thirty minutes or so, balance was maintained!

When the first add on came out, I noticed some change.

Now the enemies were easier and left behind some pretty cool stuff. I never wore something legendary or majestic – I forgot the names of these things, let’s use color code: I never wore purple or orange. Just blue and green which is still enhancing your skills and talents, but not as much.

The first three boars in Burning Crusade equipped me with green shit – which is the lowest of the enhanced stuff – that was better than anything I had at the time, and as I hear, better than most of the purple and orange stuff.

Not only where the enemies apparent generic, the landscape was modeled with far less devotion and care to detail too.

Up to that point when the AddOn came out Paladines and Warlocks were the only classes that got a special sort of mount. You had to work hard to get it.

The first mount you got at level 40.

You learned it at your class teacher, and everybody else at a riding teacher.

The second mount – epic mount – you either learned at the riding teacher and bought a regular mount, or you got a quest for your Epic Mount.

The class specific mounts of the warlocks were always burning. So the black horse with a burning mane, and tail was pretty impressive.

I’d like that thing in reality. Shit, people would leave the streets to make way for me.

But I digress.

So you went to your teacher at level 60, he told you to visit some dude who told you to gather some shit (that was pretty rare), and then he sends you off to another shitface that lets you gather more crap. And so on.

It was HARD!

Starting with GETTING to the first dude. He stood in a valley filled with hundreds of Elite Enemies.

By pure fucking luck I once killed two. That was very lucky! And then, as I was healing myself and my Voidwalker, two more showed up and freaking killed me.

Running from the cemetery to my corpse took some time. But it was no problem. I devised a new strategy, that was sneaking around them.

I did it.

Later I just rode through them, let them kill me, right in front of the guy I had to go to, and I revived there.

Even Easier.

After all the running around and collecting shit, you are sent off to a dungeon where you have to fight your way to the center, where you summon the demon horse and slay it. Then you talk to its soul and you get your demon horse as epic mount.

Hardest part here was to find a party that wanted to go in there with you. Especially for me since I always had been a LONER! Even in Warcraft.

That was all BEFORE Burning crusade.

In Crusade, a warlock and paladine were treated like the peasants the others thought we were. The flying mounts and flying epic mounts we could only use the standard crap.

For all I care send me to fifteen dungeons and give me a unicorn that shoots fire out its ass! But give me something that distinguishes me from the other classes!


In Crusade I had started over as a Bloodelf warlock anyways so the first epicmount was still waiting for me. At that time I had already found out how much the Burning crusade sucked.

It all got easier. Except for the old world.

The starting areas were always easy. The first 10 levels went by in a heart beat. But then it always got harder and harder and harder. You died more often and returned to your corpse than you ever imagined.

Not on the hellfire peninsula you didn’t. Except when the uber-evil and Elite robot tramples you till mashed potatoes look like a rock compared to you!

Then they threw out the Lich King add on.

And now things got shittier.

The love for detail and care for the environmental design slipped totally into the gutter, and the enemies were easier than the ones on Burning Crusade, and they dropped shittier items.

I leveled all the way up to the maximum, I never saw the Lich King though. Since I always had been a loner working in a group to defeat an enemy was not in my nature.

But then one update came and ruined the game – at least for me.

Paladine’s and Warlock reaching level 60 can now for the cost of x00 gold LEARN the epic mount from their teacher.” – Because farming that amount of gold is easier for the kids and casual players than actually doing something for it, like the god damn quest series!

That was not the last nail in the coffin but twenty percent of it. The other 80% were achived by ONE SOLE CHANGE TO THE WARLOCK!

The jewelery that allowed me to summon a Voidwalker WITHOUT losing a soulshard was changed to “summon a void walker with 20% less cost of mana.”


The Warlock was treated like priests on all the servers – the fucking lowest of the lowest.

Priests. When you hear that word you have an image in your head, of a man in a dress.

Take that and now multiply it with all the gayness of the Village People and Christopher Street Day. Give the result the capabilities of a three year old dressed up as a fairy.

Thats a fucking Priest in Warcraft.

My Ex played a Priest.

One day we were trying to get a group together for a dungeon. “Healer (Priest) and Damage Dealer looking for a group to do the WhatDoIKnow and slay the Questionmark!”

Nothing. “Priest and Warlock need group for…”


Suddenly a reply “We already have a holy Paldine” (the healing Paladines were called holy) “But we’ll take the Warlock.”

Fuck off twat-face, whether we go into the dungeon or not I am getting laid tonight, while you haven’t ever seen a real pussy!”

As I left many others did so too, most of them returned.

I didn’t.

Ruined game is and stays a ruined game.

And why was it ruined?

Because all the casual gamers and the fucking kiddies wrote to Blizzard, that it was too hard and they didn’t posses the skills, will or time to make shit happen.

In the mean time Cataclysm came out, and I’m sure that the design of the changed world sucks even more, the enemies got even weaker dropping even shittier items.

And I won’t even talk about the AddOn “Mists of Pandaria” – fuckin’ Pandas.


Who would have known that a game like Workd of Warcraft would bear such striking similarities to the educational system in many western countries?

The shit got easier and the reward (knowledge) is getting shittier while the leveling system gets constantly revamped to the point where a braindamaged monkey could get A’s, learn and remember all the stuff required and is as smart when leaving school as he was when he entered it.

Even once you reached the maximum level, did every quest, got ALL legandary items for your class (orange shit) – there’s an empty void awaiting you.

They’ll poop out yet another AddOn and you’re back to square one, just like the day you enter university.

Yeah. Schools are a lot like Warcraft. Thank you for making me understand that Blizzard.

You nutless pricks.

I also have an X-Box and a GameBoy. I like gaming and to a certain degree I AM a gaming nerd. Not as much as others out there but still enough of one to actually listen to the music without playing the game. To anyone who argues that gaming is only for kids I have to say that you are an unimaginative ball less monkey.

There are games definitely not suited for kids. Violence, sexual content or the greatest menace in a game – the coPlayers. Otherwise known as harsh language only that harsh doesnt cover a tenth of that shit. In any game in which you either have to, or have the option to, speak to other players, you’ll learn words that you did not know existed and you’re showered with them whether they’re directed at you or not.

You’ll learn things of your parents private lives, your own sexual orientation or dysfunction…


Gaming is for kids? You impotent, paedophile, donkey molesting, son of a bitch with a braindead turd.

For kids???

Gaming is for adults as well. The keyword is moderation and intellect. A game that requires a certain level of intellect is not for kids.

A game that has sex, violence, or coPlayers is not for kids.

While I’m on the subject of sexual content. A game that glorifies violence once got roasted, its publisher even sued, for a sex scene.

Where else than in the US? The country that is afraid of sex.

Every time a shady politician saying violence in games or movies made someone run amok, and ingame sex caused a surge in teen pregnancies – I want to slap this idiot across the face with either a CD-ROM or a Controller.

Violence and Amok are caused by a sick and disturbing society that forces the parents to abandon raising their kids to schools and schools incapable of doing so and incapable of teaching them anything. Teen pregnancies are caused by lack of sex education.

Give them kids a parent that is home at least half a day and tell them all about sex and the horizon will clear up and keep these little shitheads away from grownup games and keep your sweaty, greasy hands off of our games!!

But my gaming days have come to an end to a certain degree since I moved in with my fiance. One just can’t stay up all night anymore without risking a certain level of conflict. But that wasn’t the reason I stopped playing.

If the decision is “Your Hobby or Pussy?” I guess the answer is abundantly clear.


I still haven’t finished Assassins Creed Revelations, I barely started Mass Effect 3 and I touch my Computer never ever to play games. Although I enjoyed Diablo and Diablo 2 and although I was a huge fan of Star Craft – I lack the time. I simply don’t have the time in my weekly schedule for gaming.

There’s work, therapy, family and school. On weekends we either do shit for school or I’m otherwise engaged than gaming. Somewhere in there I’d like to squeeze in workout, and I have to write too, so the gaming issue gets dropped for the sexual and other content issue that unfolds in the free time slots…

Mr. Zed (Ep3)

November rain had drenched the land with ice cold water, still, mist rose from in between the graves. Some had been opened from inside, but only the freshest. Their former inhabitants were lying in front of the funeral home at the end of the graveyard.
The moon was peeking through the nebula illuminating a lone undead man standing underneath an old, but bare tree. His one seeing eye was fixed on the funeral home and the pile of bodies in front of it.
The last months had seen him stumbling from the city, attacking the living where ever he encountered them, and what ever the living where. Small mammals, birds, humans.
He was missing a foot from the ankle down, a pack of dogs had gotten it, but since he then attacked one of them and ate its flesh they had not returned for more.
A shot hit the tree next to the undead man, fired from a window of the funeral home.
The dislocated jaw moved slightly, a long moan arose from the undead man.

Beating the virtual (part 3)

It was kinda cute when back in the early days some Schmuck opened up the group “If I can get 1 Million Likes my Wife lets me redecorate our home into a Pirateship!”.

Yeah. I liked that crap, because it was kinda cute and I wanted that guy to live his pirate dream!



It turned into a sort of Farce when the slogan came up “Can this Prezel have more likes than Tokio Hotel?”, I still participated, but it felt weird. (Yeah the nuthouse does that…)

But when I got served with the following two Facebook-exhibits, I lost all faith in humanity.

Exhibit A: A girl that sold on an auctioning platform a two month Facebook Relationship. You know, for two months she’d be listed as being in a relationship with you on facebook if you bid and won.
Exhibit B: “If I get 1 million likes C. will have sex with me!” – this is creeping me out on more levels than I care to admit. Congratiulations Bro, you got your 1 Mio.Likes, but don’t you feel like the most cheap ass dude on planet earth? ALL of the internet knows that you have (had?) a crush on C. and ALL of the internet knows that she didn’t really think you could get 1.000.000 Likes (last time I checked it was over 2 million!), which is why she made the deal, and ALL of the internet knows that you got to bang her (presumably). To the girl: WHORE!!!! You sold your coochie for an invisible, and non tangible thing, to a guy you didn’t want to have sex with in the first place!

You can’t buy anything with a like.

You can’t exchange a like into a real currency.

You can’t tell anybody without feeling an extremely overwhelming wave of SHAME. The stale feeling of having prostituted yourself for NOTHING will never fade, and never go away.

Quite literally – you’re fucked.

Ladies and Gentle men, I present to you – the birth of the Facebook-whore!


These two incidents reminded me of a story that I have read about on a no-quality British newspaper site: Two guys, both sixteen, were at court, as the victims of a woman who then was fourtyseven. They had vandalized the car of the womans exBF when they were thirteen. As a reward she had promised – and subsequently delivered – the two boys sex.

The one that had made the whole thing court known was the one I can’t understand here.

I would’ve kept my mouth shut.

He was lying on the bed and she was riding him. He stopped her before he came and left as his pal was going down on the woman. He felt emotionally scarred and dirty.

Which is why I would’ve kept my mouth fucking shut.

Despite the fact that I would’ve proceeded with the original plan like the second dude, even when thirteen, even IF I would feel dirty and would’ve aborted the intercourse – I’D HAVE SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

The world (and potential future mating partners) doesn’t need to know!


And last but not least, if you like this we will donate an imaginary dollar to starving children on Triton the seventh moon of Saturn, if you share it, your soul will be saved, if you ignore it, you will be sodomized by demons with burning spiked cocks.


The truth is out there…


Let me state right here that I DO believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. I even am going so far as to believe that there are some irregularities in our ancient past that CAN be argued away with the ancient astronaut theory.


I’m not looking at a deformed skull and scream alien.

I’m not seeing ancient monolithic structures and yell for ET to call back.

What bothers me is that many people out there contribute OUR great achievements – influenced, inspired or enabled by alien technology – to aliens.

The Pyramids were a great feat of human ingenuity. We built them. Whether we were inspired by aliens, or constructed them with the HELP of aliens or their technology is a great mystery no one will ever FULLY answer. But it is a fact that we built them.

Think of it!

If you can construct a HUGE interstellar spaceship, would you build in a way that requires an odd structure to land it upon? Or would you build a universal craft that can land on water and solid ground? Would you build it in a way that it can land on soft gras lands, muddy deltas, sand dunes and rock, or do you build a ship that REQUIRES an ODD structure?


So you can land on ANY surface.

At least solid surface.

Göbekli Tepe – why, WHY on earth would an ALIEN society build a couple of stone columns that depict weird creatures?

Would you, if you landed on an alien planet?

I wouldn’t!

I would build a knowledge hall, the universal language in the universe is the physocal appearance of atoms, thus I would communicate with these. Numerals, another universal thing. Whether you ause base 10 or 16 or or or or. There is a value equal to 42 in ANY base. Use the decimal system if you will, and communicate with that.

But animals? Come one, people!

The list goes on and on.

I do not dismiss the notion that we still are being visited by Aliens, although it is very odd that they would all converge on our little planet. But what I do recent is the idea that there are conspiracies that would involve hundreds, thousands if not millions of people.

I stumbled upon the coast-to-coast youtube video of an ancient Vimana discovered in Afghanistan. Reportedly 8 US soldiers “disappeared” when they tried to remove the thing from the time well. Western leaders (Then Sarkozy, Merkel, Obama, Putin, etc.) were rushed to the site to see it and be briefed about the thing.


Listen, as soon as there are THAT MANY PEOPLE involved – political leaders from opposing philosophies, soldiers, their superiors (the entire chain of command) in DIFFERENT ARMIES, and even more people – you can’t control the flow of information.

There would be literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people involved, someone would talk, some one would HAVE talked, at least to Wikileaks. We would’Ve seen it up and out there, spread ALL OVER THE PLACE!

There is no Vimana in a timewell in Afghanistan!

And there is NO government conspiracy to hide the existence of aliens.

Maybe, there IS a conspiracy of a small group of people who try to cover up their existence. But it won’t involve soldiers, entire armies, leaders of many different countries.

It is impossible to control the flow of information.

The conspiracy theories surrounding aliens, governments, alien technology, ancient alien theories – most of it is cooked up shit by people insecure about themselves and their lives.

I can say with some certainty that there IS life on other planets, that there is intelligent life out there, and that we might have been visited in the ancient past, and perhaps still are being visited. But not in the scale some people indicate.

By far not.

You might have noticed that I am not mentioning Pumapunku. There are several reasons for this.

ONE: I am compiling this off the top of my head.

TWO: It is an intriguing site. I have NO idea what the place was used for, or HOW it was constructed. Pumapunku is a mystery. Perhaps the ancient alien theorists are right about that one, maybe they aren’t.

Sure it is impossible to say anything definitve, and we should always keep an open mind, but some of the claims and assertions are just outright rediculous.

So, in the end of todays blurb, keep open minded, but also keep it real.

Use your common sense. If you landed on planet Frothwoth today and thought “in a few thousand stellar orbits the Frothwothians will be intelligent enough to question alien life, I’ll leave them some clues in stone!” would do animal carvings or Hydrogen, Helium….1, 2, 3, 4…?

Think, before you speculate.

Enough SciFi for one day, let us think of what ancient demon could have been burying Göbekli Tepe in order to silence the ancient gods? 😉


The X-Files

Good Morning, it’s 5.17 am, and because my scumbag body woke me up an hour early, I can enjoy watching a DVD.

To be more specific, an episode of a TV Show, on DVD.

The X-Files are twenty years old this year. Twenty!
But the X-Files were only possible in the early 90s. If you were to re-shoot it today , you’d get frustrated pretty soon. Mulder would be a fat, bloated guy with a beard-shade that would make Aragorn look like freshly shaved. He is online 24/7, newsgroups, MySpace / Facebook pages, youtube channels – all linking to the paranormal and aliens / UFOs. Scully would even be more cynical, since she has to repel the crazy paranoid shit he gets from the net.

They would navigate with their smart-phones, Mulder would google stuff on it and try to prove his partner wrong who can provide ten counterarguments from the top of her head, sometimes has to google it though.

You can distort the good old X-Files to modern day parameters, it is fun, go ahead, just post your imagination of X-Files 2013 (aside the fact that Mulder would be terribly disappointed that the Aliens had not attacked on 21st Dec. 2012)!
But, X-Files still gives me an intense story. Even if I twist and tear the setting to the crazy world we live in now, the stories behind the series are damn intense.

Still watching, I bid you a nice day (yeah, I lay that burden on you, just ask George Carlin).

Beating the virtual (part 1)

After months of absence from Facebook, returning there even for five minutes is like visiting a mental institution. As if you have been there and made friends with other patients; really great people, relatable people.

Then you were released, and you went out into the real world:

Real friends, private life, and after some time you think “Hey, I wonder how my Pals are doing! Gonna visit them!” and as you do and watch them for a few minutes you are struck with the sudden realisation “They’re fuckin nuts!

“Thanks for the cow, want a sheep?” no farmersmarket, but farmville. Okay that ain’t the deal anymore, for some time it was Mafiawars.

Really? Sending others to virtually sleep with virtual fishes?

If I were a Mafia boss I would find the people responsible and send THEM sleeping with the fishes. I would make Zuckerberg sleep with the fishes.

So they answered Pop Song Quizzes.

“What song released in 1984 had he female genitalia mutilation as a topic?”

Answer: none. Unless the song was called “Ouch motherfucker, this hurts and bleeds, I’m gonna kill ya!”, none.

You see the makers of these quizzes are like pretentious english teachers. Interpreting shit into a piece of literature, or song in his case, that isn’t there. Like a mental patient at the insane asylum.


If I were to ever release my stories, someone would go and ask “What does he fucking sphere of water hovering in that tower mean?” and some pretentious asshole would say “the auhor means the holed up tears inside of us hidden from the outside world, obviously needing to get someone to see the sadness inside, the sphere hints at a need for the feminine, since a boob is also roughly spherical; especially since a tower is a phallic symbol, the feminine inside of us needs attention!” no.

No motherfucker, its just a fucking ball of water floating inside a tower. It’s a goddamn fantasy story!

A goddess of water lives inside it!

“there! The feminine aspect gets corporeal form!” [shooting noise]

If any author or musician needs to hide his or her true intentions behind symbolism of this magnitude, then I don’t give a shit! If he excuses it with just a subconscious experience of he protagonist – i don’t care!

Just like the star wars books!

If Lucas wants to say something he should’ve made better prequels! I couldn’t care less about the cartoon series or he fucking books!

Neither do I care for hidden meanings and symbolism in songs, poems or stories. Get it out in the open or shut the fuck up! So to answer the pop song quizz: no song about the mutilation of female genitalia was released in 1984…

As if a POP singer could do that! Pop! The lowest of the low! Look at the people dominating the charts! Look at them! These people wouldn’t understand symbolism if you beat them with a book about symbolism, covered in symbols!

I heard a car alarm the other day.

I got the impression that these so called pop musicians these days sometimes stand on the street, hear a caralarm going off and then think “Hey! I’m going to make a song out of this!”

“weeooweeooweeoo yo out on da street weeooweeooweeoo my homies in da hood” repeat.

six producers and five writers creating a facebookpage…

I need to leave the asylum, it pains me to leave behind some of my friends, others I can see elsewhere.

But I have to leave the nut house…

We have no idea what we’re doing…

(since it is an image not made by me, I won’t include the world famous dog here;))

Yes, it’s time for me to bitch about our apparent lack of understanding.

Sure, we have gained quite a lot of knowledge and experience over the course of the last – let’s say – ten thousand years. We moved out of the caves, domesticated animals, mastered fire, started agriculture, began the decent into madn…err..started monetary economies, and so on and so forth.

Interesting fact, although we have committed homicide before, the sword was the FIRST weapon with the SOLE purpose of killing fellow human beings. Show me one sword wielding motherfucker who goes out with the intention of killing a deer, and I show you a fake.

The latest incident at Fukushima – AGAIN the coolent pumps for the basins of old fuel rods had no power – made me write these lines. That and a comment in german on YouTube my best mate showed me. In essence the commenter said that of course the Eco-nuts were crawling out of the woodwork and bashed nuclear power because it’s trendy again. In the video he commented on an expert said that a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP from now on) shouldn’t be built in a seismic active zone, the commenter then added (Paraphrasing) “Did that idiot look at Japan? It’s all seismic active where else should they built one?!” (End Paraphrase)




Mankind thinks it know what it’s doing, when in fact it has no idea!

Need examples?

Here we go: Harrisburg, Rocky Flats, Windscale, Chernobyl, Fukushima.

Note: Hiroshima and Nagasaki were INTENDED so I’m not including them here.

The engineers and experts, specialists and workers at the sites of ALL of these incidents thought that they KNEW what they were doing, but had not the slightest idea. And it isn’t their fault. They are highly educated people who are ten times as smart as I am.

But the knowledge they had was insufficient.

The knowledge we as a species had was insufficient.

The entire fission process is a waste of material and loss of energy on a grand scale:

We have HIGHENERGY radiation shooting out of the nucleus as it is torn apart, do we use it?


What do we use?

The byproduct of the process – heat.

Genius. (again, not my material, insert the image here mentally)

The idiocy of our imagined expertise stretches FAR beyond the nuclear area:

Rare earths – windmills and smartphones use rare earths. In the later they are baked together in a way that makes them IRRETRIEVABLE, they can’t be recycled!

You read that right.

Can’t be recycled. So treat your iPhones and thingamamobs with care, if they break they turn to shit. And I am just as guilty as the next guy, as I have two of the god damn things! (Not iPhones though, I hate apple…)

Gasoline – we burn shit that is oozing out of the earth, and made our entire civilization dependent on it. Not only is that burning poisoning our atmosphere, heating our climate and just plain stupid, it is also destroying a FINITE resource. When the last drop of oil has been burnt our entire civilization stands before an abyss.

An abyss formerly filled with oil now void and ready to devour ALL our combustion engines. Which ALSO are highly inefficient.

A bit of gas is sprayed into the chamber, a piston rushes up and through the friction by the suddenly compressed mixture of air and gasoline enough heat is generated to ignite the gas, which then explodes, driving the piston back providing mechanical energy for the engine…ARE YOU STUPID? The keyword here is not explosion or friction-heat, or gasoline.

It’s heat! The shit explodes and HEAT is generated (surely light as well). Do we use that heat?


WHY? It’s lost, forever lost and gone. We use water to cool it, but we can’t use it!?

Who ever thought of the first engine as a model for the future and not of a funny invention that needs to be shelved – IDIOT!

And while we are talking oil – do you know how much oil is around you? Plastic, gasoline – sure we’re all aware of that. But it’s in our food (!) in our health-care products, in our wallets, in our clothes, in our beauty appliances and products….the list goes on. Would you smear raw oil on your skin? I wouldn’t…

Why do we use oil instead of other energy sources, and why do we waste valuable resources on iPhones? GREED!



Some Schmuck somewhere said “Hey, I can sell that.” and he did so. And he was rewarded with riches.


Another wonderful example for this is cigarettes. What are they good for?

Nothing. You don’t even get high.

I get Alcohol. I get Weed and other drugs that make you high or alter your perception of reality. But cigarettes?

Nothing. A short burst at first use or first use after a short break, that burst feels like weak knees.


Other than that – nothing. Answer: MONEY!

Why do we use uranium and plutonium in the NPPs instead of much easier handled and safer thorium?

Bombs. Plain and simple, bombs.

Researching both at the same time saved MONEY and TIME. Plus you can say you’re researching peaceful use of plutonium while you’re building the bomb.

This wonderfully links back to the sword:

Let there be blood!

Eager to kill one another, guided by the shiny object in our faces, we storm forward polluting everything in our wake.

We simply have no idea what we are doing…


Mr. Zed (Ep2)

Stench drove the more sensitive animals from the wheat field, attracted the scavengers, which were repelled by their presumably dead prey attempting to eat them. For weeks feral dogs and raven came from the city, returned, ran away again.
Interested and with some level of contempt a raven sat on the old scarecrow watching the undead man stumble through the field. Others like him had come before, got lost in the field and were now groaning heads in the field. Over time the dogs had learned to tear away the legs, return for the arms later, leaving the torso for maggots and raven.
The undead stumbling through the field was different though. He did not wander aimlessly around like the ones that had come before him.
He walked in a straight line.
Almost as if he was drawn somewhere.
Curiosly the raven looked in the direction the corpse was stumbling towards. No sounds, other than insects, birds and even more insects, originated around the field. No attracting smells like fresh meat or blood were lingering in the air.
Abruptly the undead stopped.
Interested the raven looked down on the walking corpse again, it’s head tilted slightly. Slowly the wheat waved in the wind around the undead. Barely noticable the ashgreay skin tightened as the undead man turned his head, two weeks after his last meal he stared at this deathly bird with a blind and on seeing, but dead, eye, while the sun set in the west, ending a warm autumn day.
Too late in the day for dogs.