you may not know me but I am a new guy on these parts of the web. I have tried to blog before, recently on livejournal and blogger, before that on MySpace. All I can tell you about these endeavors is that has been catastrophic. Sure comments on MySpace, but only because my friends felt oddly obligated to read, and sometimes post on, the crap I posted.
The other two – not even a visit (safe for the bots and crawlers).

Long story short – I’m terrible in advertising. I can’t do it, and probably won’t be able to advertise this one either.
You know, fuck it.

)I will post story parts and other tidbits of mine here, please observe, most of what I will throw out here is written on my cellphone, while en-route between here and there, and has not been checked for grammar or spelling. (other than my cell’s spellcheck)

My frequency of updating is sporadic, I will try to uphold a weekly schedule of one time a blurb and one story part. But since my life is not exactly plastered with free time, I will not make any promises.

A little heads up for the upcoming series “Mr. Zed”, it is exactly what you think it is. It is WRITTEN, back to back, and I will post it piece by piece, some parts will not get posted, I shall keep those parts for the eventuality of my stuff ever being published. BUT!
Those are not VITAL to the story, nor will I keep the ending from you. πŸ˜‰

With these words I leave you for the weekend…