Fierce gusts of wind blew through the empty street. Leaves rode on them around and through abandoned cars.
A few stray birds flew across the street, croaking startled. The corpse the had inted to pick, had just gotten up and stumbled away.
The others had, had a head start on him, following distant echoes of gun shots. Unknowing that these were fired at other Undead to put them to the ground for good. Soon the surviving living people had discovered that a shot delivered to the head was the final end to them.
From a fenced off building a few blocks from the last Undead the living fired at them to cover for another group of survivors that attempted to get away.
Moaning and groaning the undead man stumbled behind the large flock of undead, something caught his eye.
Groaning louder he followed what he had seen. There was an old man who stumbled through a side alley, the alarmed undead were drawn away from the house he lived in, his chance to escape the city.
Suddenly he felt a tight grip on his shoulder, startled he shrieked while he turned around only to look into a pair of dead eyes, one of which they always had been, white and blind.