Loki is dead, long live Loki.


I got him and his sister when they were three month old kittens. At first this little shy ball of fur was suspicios of me.

One night, about three days after they came to live with me, I was listening to “Music Of The Night” from the Phantom of the Opera musical. Suddenly he came to me and cuddled. I took him in my hand and caressed the little fellow, kissed his nose and his head between the ears.

I was rewarded with purrs, and so much trust that he fell asleep in my hand.

From that day on, when ever I played or sung that song, he came cuddling.

Yesterday when he was sedated I played that song for him, stroking his back, kissing his head between the ears and trying to be strong for my 8 kilogramm kitty that he was. According to my wife and the Vet it was obvious that he recognized the song, as he became much softer when it started playing.

Around the time when he was 2 years old I had a dream involving his death. I was as heartbroken in that dream, as I am now. But I proceeded in the dream to feed his sister, when all of a sudden he returned. Undead, dirty, stinking, but it was him. In all his kind, but strong and always hungry nature.


Undead cat dream.

I do not believe in it literally, but I sense his presence. The same way I sense my grandpa’s presence. An hour to an hour and a half after he died, a storm hit. With awesome clouds scattered across the sky.

I saw two shooting stars too last night.

Loki is dead, long live Loki!

Mr. Loki

Mr. Loki

Now, gramps, if somehow you on the astral plain read my blog, take care of him. He is special.