Hello again,

as I stated already, there will be, basically, two sorts of posts here. Stories and blurbs.
This is obviously of the latter.
I’m a thirty year old male from the very center of Europe: Vienna.
As a Viennese I know one thing better than anyone else on this planet: complaints. We aren’t happy or whole if we can’t complain. An ex of mine even had it perfected. Two days of rain and she bitched and moaned about the endless rainfall. It stopped raining and for two days spring had reared its head with sunshine and temperatures around 20°C…guess who bitched and moaned about the heat?!
Anyways, as we are a bitchy, moaning group of people here in Vienna, we are also cynical and sarcastic, but what do you expect of a city that always has wind blowing from some direction? Historically it always blew someones stench to us!

I digress.

To vent a little steam, I will also have a comedy category, but this will be updated FAR less frequently than the others, and not regularly at all. Mostly it will be me bitching about stuff, in a hopefully funny way so you can get something out of it too. 😉

Here the schedule:
Mondays will see Stories/Storyparts (Zed for now)
Fridays will see posts of other nature.
In between those two there can (and will) be posts too, but over time it will boil down to these two days, as I am constantly distracted by life’s other various incidents – as you might already know, my wife expects our first child, a son, in July, so on that front there’s plenty of real life stuff up ahead for me…

Kind regards