“Did you get him?” a young woman peeked through the window over to the tree. The man next to her sighed while shaking his head. “No.” he was shaking while reloading his rifle. Hunger had made him weak, shaking and unconcentrated. Again he looked over the finn of the rifle.
Baffled he let the gun sink.
The undead man he was aiming at was gone, he could not see him anymore.
Startled they both turned around as they heard something smashing open the front doors of the building that were outside the graveyard. Without saying a single word both of them drew guns and crouched towards the entryhall.
“Hello?” the man couldn’t suppress nervous tremble in his voice. “We’re armed, show yourselves!” </p>

Tracks on the soft carpet indicated that the limping intruder had immediately turned to his left. Quickly the two rushed to the door of the morgue and tried to pry it open but had no luck. While she was covering his back, the young man got up to peek through the windows of the doors. An undead man was staring back at him, startled the young man stepped back, almost stumbling over the woman.

All undead he had seen so far either had a neutral or slightly aggravated expression, this one however bore a sad expression on his ashen complexion.