“Since it came in, two days ago, it just stumbled around the room.” narriting the Undead mans arrival the young man happily chewed on a snack. Other people had returned from a nearby town with supplies, and less ammunition. Curiously they all took turns looking through the windows at the restless undead man inside. “He locked the doors from the inside, we then also barricaded them. But he did not attempt to get out.”
A coughing noise rose from inside the room with the undead. Baffled a man with a machete on his back turned to the room. The sound was familiar, but he couldn’t believe his ears.
Reluctantly the gas igniter of the incineration furnace sprung to life, in a few seconds flames sparkled in the small chamber, observed by the undead mans seeing eye.

The noise of the living trying to see what he was doing was filling the room, the silent hissing of the furnace aside.