Fiercely, and unable to believe his eyes, the machete man stared into the milky eyes of Mister Zed. “Hello Hank.” he finally uttered the machete mans name, stunning the living people on the other side of the door further more.
His words were clumsy formed, although he had infused every part of his body with the balming chemicals he found in the morgue, he already had decayed too much as to restore himself to the state he was in before he died.
Although he couldn’t remember much from the time before, he knew that now he was thinking a lot slower than before, his motor skills had deminished. Still the crudely fixed jaw with the less ashen complexion made him look less menacing, although tormented.
“You don’t need to trust me, just let me out when you go.” Zed mumbled, his jaw was getting loser again.