Under tremoring thunder the waves crushed against the ships bow, the men on deck were scared that the currents might push them off the edge of the world.

In the bowels of the wodden sailing ship were dozens of people, men, women and children, fearing the exact same thing, some had given in to prayer, other had surrendered to their inevitable demise.

No words was spoken, the mumbled prayers aside. Behind them lay a home that did not welcome them any longer. Outcasts on the journey to either the end or new shores, in either way there was no turning around.

From the dark clouds above the waters rain fell almost as from a waterfall, winds whipped across the towering waves, almost drowning the commands that were hollered on the ship. With a last intense blow, the winds seized to blow as the ship moved onwards, only a slight breeze kept filling the tormented sails.

Over the course of a few moments even the wild unforgiving sea calmed. Immediately the sailors assumed the worst, while a hint of relief mixed with curiosity ruled below deck.

A noticeable shock went through the ship, it had been stopped by a force hidden beneath the waves. A man who’s skin bore more similarity to leather than human skin walked at a calm pace from stern to bow. During the storm he had clutched the stir in his fists. “What do you see Captain?” a man roughly his own age shouted from the stern, he was his first in command, a friend since they both had started going to sea.

“Nothing yet!” he hollered back after he had bent over at the bow. “Gotta wait ’til morning!” he peeked up the mast, no one in the crow’s nest, during the storm it had been too dangerous to risk capable hands and eyes, in the pitch black night that surrounded the ship it was of no use. “Wait ’til morning.” he repeated in a low tone and volume to himself.