Sun rose behind the ship, drenching the sail in a deep red color at first changing into a more orange tone over the ensuing minutes. Faces on deck of the one master turned chalk white as the light allowed them to see what was in front of the ship.

The captain staggered to the bow with a half shocked and half curious expression. “Land.” he mumbled satisfied.

Quickle he mounted a expedition team in a small boat to explore the shore that was close to the stranded vessel, the people from below spilled on deck, barely able to contain their excitement.

Shouts of joy and and surprise echoed over the vast shore line. Before the ship the land formed a bay, enclosing the sandbank on which it had stranded to three sides.

Several experienced men pondered that they might have found a large island, large enough to suppot them all.

“It’s big!” all eyes were glued to the crowsnest, the man in it could barely contain his excitement either while he looked into the distances. “It stretches to the horizon and beyond!”

Relieved the captain let himself sink on a coiled up tow. After several harsh weeks of jorney he had brought the ship of refugees to new land. All the deaths that had happened during their journey finally had paid off, the majority of the people aboard would have a new home to settle upon.