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Heads up!

Just a simple reminder that in the not too distant future (okay, already in fact) I will not be here much. My time is spent tending to my dear wife’s every need, working (at the office and at home) and writing as well as reading (the later two both while en route). What time I can find to procrastinate – I use to procrastinate and laze around, my mental hygiene demands it.

So posts of any nature other than my stories, will be scarce in the near future (and already, I know).

I am working on a few bits and pieces but I lack the nerve and time to finalize them. 😉

Hope you can bear with a father to be, and in the meantime, enjoy the stories.


Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 10)

Sarah listened to the speech from the cabin, all others had crammed themselves on deck, which gave her time to heal the child, she felt the body healing, but also the mind slipped far beyond the reaches of her powers. Worrisome her eyes glanced over the still unconscious boy. “I want you on my team.” sunken deep in thought Sarah had noticed that the speech had ended and all the questions the people had replied to, nor that John had entered the room, at his side was Susannah, her expression darkened as she laid eyes upon her daughter.

“Can she be safer anywhere but at our side?” not replying to John, Sarah kept looking at her daughter. “Alright.” grumbling she agreed to letting Susannah accompany them to the shore. Unhappy with the determination both of them showed Sarah glanced over the boy once more. “He is beyond the void.”

Mildly concerned John stepped closer, gently he placed his hand on the boys chest. “He is ice cold. The void is filling him to the verge of death.”

“I can heal him. Keep him alive. But he has to return on his own.” Sarah got up and gently caressed Susannahs head. “Gerald.” both Sarah and John inched away in surprise from the girl, it is the first time she spoke since her fathers death. Slowly Susannah stepped up to the boy in the bed. “Gerald!” she repeated his name standing next to him, her hands held up against his body.

A healthy rosy color returned to the boys cheeks, but he still remained unconscious. In the exchange of a glance both Sarah and John thought it best if the girl stayed with Gerald, her uttering his name seemed to bring him back to health.

Overwhelmed with joy over hearing her daughters voice again Sarah kneed down next to her, taking her into her arms, showering her with kisses. “Why aren’t you talking more?” John watched in amazement, as Sarah had regained her composure he waved her over to himself. Under joyful sobs Sarah revealed to him that Susannahs father had aldo been a magi, although it had been forbidden by the circle.

Fear of creating a child to powerful to be taught by the circle forbade the magi of having children with oneanother under the penalty of death, procreation with non magi was also forbidden, but not as severely punished. “She sees beyond the void!” John kept his voice lowered, he liked Susannah, didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable or unwanted.

Both of them glanced over to Susannah cowering next to Gerald. “I guess she does.” Sarah whispered, upon turning back to him she askd whether they could take her with them regardless of her effect on Gerald, sudden fear of Susannah exposing herself in their absence got the best of her.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 9)

Once more John and Sarah exchanged a glance. Their comrades aboard wouldn’t let them leave even if the ship could, they’d want answers as to what had claimed their friends and relatives. “Tend to the child, you know more than I can remember.” there was a grim undertone in John’s words, but Sarah sensed he was not mad at her, as he had done exactly as she had.

Quickly Sarah went below deck after returning the parchment to John, who was already conjuring up a hoax story for the crew as to where and why he had learned to red the magi writing.

“Staring, or even glancing into the void beyond the ridge is strictly forbidden, it makes people insane.” John stood at the highest point on deck speaking to the entire crew and remaining civilians. “This parchment was written in magi tongue, a language conceived directly from the void and beyond! I learned to read it from a mage that had accompanied the vessel I trained upon.” John studied the reactions of his listeners, none of them seemed to be questioning his words. “It clearly states that the one who wrote it has looked beyond and probably sucked the others into his or her delusions.”

The crowd at his feet grew uneasy, half of them seemed to wish they could leave immediately, the other half appeared to be in a state of shock. “Only expeditions will set foot on the shore to collect food, hunt or set traps, and of course in order to investigate whether our companions are dead or simply lost.” mumbling arose between the listeners. Already had John revealed that the child from the barge will be cared for and questioned once awake again.

“To demonstrate that I will not let anyone take chances with this danger, I will personally lead the first search party. Dismissed!”

Of lavender and roses

Sweet, thick and heavy mixture of lavender and roses.
And a hint of basswood/lime-blossom.

The perfect smell to kick off a summer night.
Admitted, it only serves as a base for other smells to play in this sticky, warm, damp air of a summer night, With crickets chirping, warm breezes, flickering stars and a fuzzy moon, and air as viscous as sap.

Every breath drawn brings on a new parade of associations for the same smell, so lavender and roses soon give way to chestnut-wood and cherries, which in turn let grass and nightly remnants of flowery smells take over, only to be replaced by lilac and strawberry blossoms.

Over and over.
Yet, it all returns to lavender and roses, with a side note of moist earth and a hint basswood blossoms.

As the city slowly falls aslumber under a layer of moist, and a thin crust of salt, the refreshing taste of lavender and roses an basswood-blossoms lingers in the evening breeze. It waves good by late in the following morning. As it greets us, welcomes us home, lulls us to sleep and – significantly cooler than the eve before – wishes us a good morning.

Summer is finally here, announced by lavender and roses, on moist earth and a hint of basswood.
Breathe it in, how ever hard it may be to breathe sap, breathe and let the mesmerizing smell entrance you.
Breathe. As am I.

With every note of the flowery, sweet and thick, voluptuous smell in the heavy, hot air of a summer eve comes a million nascent dreams poured out, dripping alongside you like rain…summer nights…

Enjoy, what ever it is that you may be doing, for the end of summer lingers ever since spring began, and the stirring smell of autumn is hidden beneath the voluminous smell that enchantes my senses into thinking.


Beating the Financial Market

Two dudes walk into a restaurant, one has his eyes glued to the screen of his cellphone, tries to locate blindly a hook for his coat. And mumbles “Somewhere around here ought to be a hook.” he tries a few times and catches his coat as it almost fell. “No hook!” he smiles into the camera, and the two dudes proceed to find a table. (In german it’s a word play implying that there is no catch.)  

What I describe here is an ad for an app on your cellphone that lets you trade stocks. And it made me really angry.
For two reasons.

Number one, as you all know – I hate advertising. And stupid advertising in particular. Sometimes it seems they take their ideas from Necronimc…fecesbo…nuthouse journa…facebook feeds “Look how stupid I am, LOOK!”… I digress

Number two, and this is what made me angry enough to write a post about it: These people, these blood sucking leeches, who have almost ruined the world wide economy TWICE in the last twenty years or so (Tech/.com bubble and housing bubble), now need an app on their cellphones so they can continue to wreak havoc on us working people, comfortably from EVERYWHERE!

People who are NOT producing shit, who aren’t providing even a faint hint of a service, who ruin the lives of hardworking people all over the globe, and they can do it EVERYWHERE now!

This angers me. People too incompetent to manufacture anything, intellectually incpabale of providing any sort of service, make shitloads of money by ruining the economy and the lives of people who actually put effort and sweat in to get some money.

Originally stocks were a good idea:
Give the workers a financial interest in the company they work for. GOOD!

Now – it’s pervers.

It should be outlawed as it serves NO PURPOSE other than to provide crooks a place where they can steal money, make money out of nothing, and trade money that doesn’t exist, legally. Purely virtual amounts of money (with no real life basis) are shoveled around – it kind of reminds me of a nuthouse, people trade things with one another that aren’t there!

Would you give the clinically insane an App so they can trade their imaginary things? And if so, would you advertise for it?

C’mon, really?


Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 8)

“Sir, we also found this.” Josephus handed his captain a parchment. “It’s in magi tongue.” he excused his lack of understanding what was inscribed on it. Most of his crew were illiterate, and those who were not couldn’t read or write well, let alone decipher the symbols and scribblings the mages use. Thanking him John took the parchment. While gazing at the text he felt a stinging sensation in his entire body for a moment. Calmly he let his hands sink and began walking to the rear of the ship.

As if she had known that he would come looking for her, Sarah came on deck after tending to the unconscious boy. She followed him, out of earshot he stopped. With trembling hands he handed over the parchment. “I know you can read it.”

Upon touching it Sarah felt the same sting that John had felt. “You left the circle because of your daughter, didn’t you?” John turned away, staring out into the vast sea. “They hunted you, killed your husband and drove you to latch on to them.” he vaguely pointed at the rest of the ship referring to the refugees.

“Yes.” Sarah’s voice was thin, she too trembled, her eyes and head were turned away from John. A wall of darkness built up around them, surprised Sarah looked up to John. That sort of wall was darkness on the inside but completely undetectable from the outside. “As did I so many years ago. The magi would never suspect one of their runaways in the maritime business, I worked my way up without using my powers.” he turned to her, the wall disappeared again, crew members and civilians came to close to them, could’ve walked in on them and discover their secret.

“That parchment,” John walked up to her again. “confirms what we were afraid of, it took only one night.”, with a trembling hand Sarah looked at the parchment.

“The myriad eyes watchful in the distance, void of life and reason, what roams will remain forever and yield great power. The nothingness, mesmerizing, luring and drawing me in. Come.”

Farms (Beating the Virtual pt.”FarmHouseSlaughter”)

In addition to the subject of the asylum facebook:

What is up with with these farms?

I don’t get it people!
First there was Farmville on Necronomicon Facebook, then came MyLittleFarm, now I see ads (on TV!!!) for MyLittleFarmies.
What the actual fuck?
What is it with farms? Are people nowadays in desperate need of something simpler?

Is the life and misery of a farmer so much more desirable than our every day life? I can’t explain the success of (and demand for) these games any other way. Worrying about storms, hails, floods, draughts, a seven day work week, disease, vermin, … yeah. I want to be a farmer…fuck no.

WHY?Why on earth are these games so popular? I can understand some settlers: farms, lumbers, hunters, fishermen, warriors, armies and wars. OKAY.
But Farms?
Just the farms?
Jesus Harvesting Christ!

Isn’T ONE farm game enough? Did/do we really need MORE? Are there going to be even more? You want a farm, get yourself a lot, plant some stuff and tend to it. Real life farming, you know? Beat Monsanto the company that must not be named by planting your own food, but for the love of nature, god, society and everything that is just and true – stop playing farm games!