When laziness is stronger than survival instinct, you’re fucked!
And in my case, it is!

Let me explain, the elevator in my home got stuck twice, with me on board.
It felt like a god damn death trap, and after each incident I vowed to walk the stairs from then on.
Suffice it to say, living in the 6th floor, not counting ground level, so for you Americans out there: the 7th floor, soon made me change my mind back to using the elevator.

I’m only writing this, because recently, I got stuck in the elevator at the office!

Death traps, death traps everywhere!

The elevator in my office failed because of a short circuit in the button panel, I pressed for ground level, the elevator went to the ground level then the short-circuit hit and it stopped between 1st floor and ground level. The elevator at home however is an entirely different story: I don’t know the reason for one of the two times I got stuck, but the other was, that someone had opened the door to the elevatorshaft in the basement. Health and safety systems engaged the emergency stop.

How do I know this so precisely?

Easy, I was suspected as one of the people who could’ve opened it…

That’s right I was suspected to have opened the basement elevator door, while inside the elevator between 5th and 6th floor! What kind of twisted fucked up idiot would make that connection?

Did the accusers really think I unlocked the basement elevator door, sprinted seven storeys up and took the elevator down? Or are they saying I astral-projected my ass down there, just to unlock the door, and get myself, and three other people, stuck in a room roughly 1.25 x 1 meter?
After the thing had stopped between floors the second time I knew how to get out and so I did, I shouldn’t have, but not for health and safety reasons, but insurance regulations!

In case you are wondering how I was able to exit the elevators: 1st time – help arrived. 2nd time – I opened the door myself. 3rd time – pressed the button for 1st floor and walked down…

My survival instinct still hasn’t gotten any stronger, I still take the elevator, rather than the stairs…