“John?” the captain looked up into the caring eyes of a woman. Her daughter peeked to the shore clinching the skirt of her mother in her fists. During the first week of the voyage the widow and he had befriended. “Sarah.” his voice was calm, filled with relief.

“When can we go?” she smiled, yet conveyed the urgency the people aboard felt to leave the ship in her softly voiced words and demeanor. “When the boat returns that there are no dangers ashore, you can all go.” he exhailed the entire sentence. Gently Sarah looked out on the ocean, the boat was but a tiny nutshell rowing in the vast bay. “There is no foreseeable danger.” she squinted her eyes. “If there was any danger in the form of other people there would be smoke rising from their settlements, if there is danger in form of wildlife it won’t be visible from the waters.”, stunned by her simple logic John sighed. With a wink of his hand he gave her the permission to mount an expedition to the shore.

Sarah glanced over the entirety of the bay with a rather satisfied expression. Although there was no river providing them with large quantities of large water, the land seemed moist and fertile, she had climbed to a high position above the bay. A trail of six people in her wake were ascending the slopes of the bay as well. John had remained on the ship together with Susannah. Even though the people aboard the ship were as tiny as ants she could make out the two in the distance. “We shouldn’t be settling here.” an elderly man from her hometown sighed after he had caught his breath. “When it rains this ravine turns into a deathtrap.” he pointed a few meters away from them.

Below them on the soft beaches two more boats landed, people jumped out and carried logs and planks, ropes and cloth. They would begin raising tents just above the tidal zone. “We’re here to explore, not to settle immediately.” Sarah smiled tiredly before ascending further.