After another half hour the group stopped on the ridge above the bay. Softly it fell downward to the south, branching out low to form the bay. Further to the north and south the land stretched out to the horizon.

“We truly found the end.” the old man mumbled. Below the ridge the slopes fell softly until they ended abruptly, beyond that cliff was nothing but sky.

Sarah gulped. “For now we must not peek at what lies beyond the edge of the world.” after a long frightened sigh she led the party on down the south ridge. Their objective was to scout for any dangers. Other than the gaping infinity beyond and below the edge none of the group could find any dangers.

Holes in the ground suggested the presence of small rodents, or animals taking the same role. Predators hunting them should be around too, otherwise the rim, as Sarah had dubbed the land, would’ve been overrun by the rodents, a barren lifeless rock would be the consequence.

“I couldn’t see presence of any dangerous animal.” Sarah cradled her daughter on her lap while reporting to John. Unlike the rest of her team she had returned to the ship. He had listened to her attentively, especially her description of the edge of the world. At least the part she had been willing to look at long enough to describe in detail. As Susannah had fallen asleep the both exchanged a long quiet gaze. Both knew that the other was thinking the same.