Looking down into the void, or whatever might be beyond the edge could drive any man or woman insane. Forbidding such action would be wise, but in the future people would break it. Rules that forbade actions which did not pose any immediate or apparent danger were always tempting to be broken.

“It’s impossible, isn’t it?” whispering Sarah broke the silence between them. “I’m afraid so.” John replied also in whispers. They felt their curiosity growing inside themselves, any person not with the same level of responsibility in their lives would wander to the edge of the world by the next day to get a glance.

Concerned both turned in the direction of the camp, direct view blocked only by the walls of the cabin they sat in.

Three chimes of the ships bell woke Sarah, Susannah still at her side, but John was gone, after their conversation the night before she was mildly concerned about his whereabouts. “Morning shift!” his voice followed the chimes, calming her tension, it was still dawn, but the sun would rise at any moment.

Quietly as to not wake Susannah, Sarah sneaked out. A few sailors changed shift under John’s watchful eyes. It struck her that she barely saw him sleeping, a few times had he fallen asleep befire she had, but mostly it was her who fell asleep and it was always him who was up before she was.

“Do you ever sleep?” John chuckled upon hearing those words. “When my duties as captain, as friend and as man end, sleep.” he smiked at her, keeping his attention on his crew changing shifts.