Around the ship, clouds of mist danced on the waves, shrouded the shore line from their view. The first rays of light appeared behind the ship, illuminating the mist.

“Morning sure is wonderful here.” Sarah found the air to be refreshing, after all the weeks on sea the air that came down from the slopes around them was a welcome change. John did not reply verbally, his crew began tightening up, just like he was. “Barge on starboard!”, hastily he followed the sailors holler, one of the barges he had sent to shore the day before, was adrift in the waters. One of the tent cloths was curled up inside. “Fredrik, Steven, Carl. Get to that thing!”

The three men immediately climbed down the side of the ship, since their landing in the bay the rope ladders in the sides had not been pulled up.

One swam to the small vessel with a tow in his mouth, his comrades tended to that tow so it wouldn’t slip out of his bite.

With a few quick knots he fixed the rope on the barge, he held on to it while the other two pulled the barge in closer. Their shocked yells as they had pulled away the tent cloth lured Sarah to the railing, against her knowing better.