Just rewatched a review of that god awful movie.

I have to say, for all the flaws the movie has, it made one positive thing in ME.

I feel sorry for the lizard.

That hermaphrodite just wants to have a place for its Babies.
A nice, secure place for its babies.

Every mother out there will tell you – that is the strongest impulse in any creature. Mammal, lizard, or otherwise. So all in all, I feel damn sorry for Godzilla. Incompetent, hostile, dangerous mammals that do nothing but pollute the planet, hinder a peaceful creature bent on reproduction to do so, and in the end kill it and its brood. 😦

Thats how I feel after this movie.

In addition to all the crap that happens in this movie. (How can a skyscrapper tall lizard DISAPPEAR in a densly populated / built city as New York??? BS)

Just my five cents…