“Sir, we also found this.” Josephus handed his captain a parchment. “It’s in magi tongue.” he excused his lack of understanding what was inscribed on it. Most of his crew were illiterate, and those who were not couldn’t read or write well, let alone decipher the symbols and scribblings the mages use. Thanking him John took the parchment. While gazing at the text he felt a stinging sensation in his entire body for a moment. Calmly he let his hands sink and began walking to the rear of the ship.

As if she had known that he would come looking for her, Sarah came on deck after tending to the unconscious boy. She followed him, out of earshot he stopped. With trembling hands he handed over the parchment. “I know you can read it.”

Upon touching it Sarah felt the same sting that John had felt. “You left the circle because of your daughter, didn’t you?” John turned away, staring out into the vast sea. “They hunted you, killed your husband and drove you to latch on to them.” he vaguely pointed at the rest of the ship referring to the refugees.

“Yes.” Sarah’s voice was thin, she too trembled, her eyes and head were turned away from John. A wall of darkness built up around them, surprised Sarah looked up to John. That sort of wall was darkness on the inside but completely undetectable from the outside. “As did I so many years ago. The magi would never suspect one of their runaways in the maritime business, I worked my way up without using my powers.” he turned to her, the wall disappeared again, crew members and civilians came to close to them, could’ve walked in on them and discover their secret.

“That parchment,” John walked up to her again. “confirms what we were afraid of, it took only one night.”, with a trembling hand Sarah looked at the parchment.

“The myriad eyes watchful in the distance, void of life and reason, what roams will remain forever and yield great power. The nothingness, mesmerizing, luring and drawing me in. Come.”