Once more John and Sarah exchanged a glance. Their comrades aboard wouldn’t let them leave even if the ship could, they’d want answers as to what had claimed their friends and relatives. “Tend to the child, you know more than I can remember.” there was a grim undertone in John’s words, but Sarah sensed he was not mad at her, as he had done exactly as she had.

Quickly Sarah went below deck after returning the parchment to John, who was already conjuring up a hoax story for the crew as to where and why he had learned to red the magi writing.

“Staring, or even glancing into the void beyond the ridge is strictly forbidden, it makes people insane.” John stood at the highest point on deck speaking to the entire crew and remaining civilians. “This parchment was written in magi tongue, a language conceived directly from the void and beyond! I learned to read it from a mage that had accompanied the vessel I trained upon.” John studied the reactions of his listeners, none of them seemed to be questioning his words. “It clearly states that the one who wrote it has looked beyond and probably sucked the others into his or her delusions.”

The crowd at his feet grew uneasy, half of them seemed to wish they could leave immediately, the other half appeared to be in a state of shock. “Only expeditions will set foot on the shore to collect food, hunt or set traps, and of course in order to investigate whether our companions are dead or simply lost.” mumbling arose between the listeners. Already had John revealed that the child from the barge will be cared for and questioned once awake again.

“To demonstrate that I will not let anyone take chances with this danger, I will personally lead the first search party. Dismissed!”