Sarah listened to the speech from the cabin, all others had crammed themselves on deck, which gave her time to heal the child, she felt the body healing, but also the mind slipped far beyond the reaches of her powers. Worrisome her eyes glanced over the still unconscious boy. “I want you on my team.” sunken deep in thought Sarah had noticed that the speech had ended and all the questions the people had replied to, nor that John had entered the room, at his side was Susannah, her expression darkened as she laid eyes upon her daughter.

“Can she be safer anywhere but at our side?” not replying to John, Sarah kept looking at her daughter. “Alright.” grumbling she agreed to letting Susannah accompany them to the shore. Unhappy with the determination both of them showed Sarah glanced over the boy once more. “He is beyond the void.”

Mildly concerned John stepped closer, gently he placed his hand on the boys chest. “He is ice cold. The void is filling him to the verge of death.”

“I can heal him. Keep him alive. But he has to return on his own.” Sarah got up and gently caressed Susannahs head. “Gerald.” both Sarah and John inched away in surprise from the girl, it is the first time she spoke since her fathers death. Slowly Susannah stepped up to the boy in the bed. “Gerald!” she repeated his name standing next to him, her hands held up against his body.

A healthy rosy color returned to the boys cheeks, but he still remained unconscious. In the exchange of a glance both Sarah and John thought it best if the girl stayed with Gerald, her uttering his name seemed to bring him back to health.

Overwhelmed with joy over hearing her daughters voice again Sarah kneed down next to her, taking her into her arms, showering her with kisses. “Why aren’t you talking more?” John watched in amazement, as Sarah had regained her composure he waved her over to himself. Under joyful sobs Sarah revealed to him that Susannahs father had aldo been a magi, although it had been forbidden by the circle.

Fear of creating a child to powerful to be taught by the circle forbade the magi of having children with oneanother under the penalty of death, procreation with non magi was also forbidden, but not as severely punished. “She sees beyond the void!” John kept his voice lowered, he liked Susannah, didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable or unwanted.

Both of them glanced over to Susannah cowering next to Gerald. “I guess she does.” Sarah whispered, upon turning back to him she askd whether they could take her with them regardless of her effect on Gerald, sudden fear of Susannah exposing herself in their absence got the best of her.