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Beating the virtual (pt. whatever)

I have given up.

Or rather I’m in the process of giving up.

Today while checking my tweets I got an advertising tweet.




Really? A frakking advertising tweet?
Here’s my idea: BANNERS!
Do these god awful banners they do everywhere else! For all I care do ad-banners on the App’s as well. This would be okay, but giving me TWEETS that look like legit tweets, that is fraud!
Right out fraud!

Just like YouTube spamming me with advertising clips in my suggestions.
And a banner on top of my YouTube start page.
And forced clips at the beginning of a YouTube Video. And banners in the videos…

Okay, okay, I get it. Advertising tweets…clever…guess where I will be only dropping off my tweets informing my followers of updates on the Blog without reading any tweets myself!?
(Why is me posting updates on my blog any different than the advertising tweets? I don’t force it on people who are NOT my followers; if my followers and friends are annoyed by it, they can unfollow me. Period. While advertising tweets are suddenly there. Although you can click them away, they still are annoying…)

Wonder what will be next….oh I know! Advertising blogposts that are sent to my via E-Mail…”ImLovingIt posted: How yummy tastest the new MacShit? I never believed that gazillions of Flies were right but here it is…” -_-

I need ad blockers. For twitter, youtube and every other place that I’m on. Gladly I have left Fecesbook Facebook for good…

Godzilla 1998

Just rewatched a review of that god awful movie.

I have to say, for all the flaws the movie has, it made one positive thing in ME.

I feel sorry for the lizard.

That hermaphrodite just wants to have a place for its Babies.
A nice, secure place for its babies.

Every mother out there will tell you – that is the strongest impulse in any creature. Mammal, lizard, or otherwise. So all in all, I feel damn sorry for Godzilla. Incompetent, hostile, dangerous mammals that do nothing but pollute the planet, hinder a peaceful creature bent on reproduction to do so, and in the end kill it and its brood. 😦

Thats how I feel after this movie.

In addition to all the crap that happens in this movie. (How can a skyscrapper tall lizard DISAPPEAR in a densly populated / built city as New York??? BS)

Just my five cents…


Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 7)

Around an unconscious child were the battered remains of a woman, on her face an expression of terror.

Clumsily the three men liberated the child from its mothers deathly grasp, Fredrik climbed the ladder with the child over his shoulder. “Martin, Josephus, ready the backboard boat!” Johns voice tore Sarah from her terrified gaze. Torn between terror and curiosity she pondered whether she should ask to join the party, but one look in Johns eyes told her she wouldn’t get permission.

Aboard the ship he had full command, there was no use of attempting to appeal to him when he was as determined as he appeared in that moment.

Without turning his weary eyes away from the mist around the ship John stayed at the bow of the ship, his crew had taken the barge on board, but other than poor Mary-Jane there was no clue of any conflict. The boat was in excellent shape, as was the cloth. It had not been torn from its place.

News of the tragedy travelled fast on the ship. People tried talk to him, tried to look into the barge. John felt glad that he had not let all people leave the ship. Perhaps some of them felt the same way.

After gruesome two hours the boat with his armed men returned. All of the men he had sent to investigate were present, but there was not one additional person with them.

“They’re all gone!” Josephus bowed his head, he was disturbed by what he had seen. The tall man seemingly made of nothing but muscles seemed as frightened as little boy. “No signs of any battle, not a drop of blood. All tents but one are unharmed.” again he sighed. “Tracks?” John had turned away, facing the shrouded shore again. “We followed them to the ridge above camp, but we dared no further.” Grinding his teeth John closed his eyes, it took all his strength not to lash out to Josephus. “Dismissed.”

All the people vanished, they were his responsibility, they had trusted him with their lives, their uncertain fate weighed down upon him.

Watchers and Guardians…

Went into the woods today, and I thought I’d let you see what the woods have to offer


Pond / Quagmire

Hurlocks attacking

Really, first time I went there, I thought that they must be rushing over the ridge any moment! 😀

But I let my imagination run amok rather easily, after all I am a writer and thus blessed with a very active imagination. These woods however help a lot, back in 2011 I found this:


in the exact same spot today I found this:


The location is watched over, or guarded, by this fella:

Watcher / Guardian

So yeah, once all my projects have come to a satisfying end, I will write about these woods, and how beautiful they are, but for now I’m letting these images speak for themselves.


Picture time



Working near the nobler parts of town has its upsides. Instead of empty beer bottles, vomit and urin, we have empty champagne bottles, vomit and urin.
A scene develops in my mind here: two lads in tuxedos stagger around the sidewalk, sipping each from their respective bottles. Instead of sports club scarves they have silken scarves! And instead of yelling at people “Who U lookin’ at, stupid fag?!” They shout “What doth thine eyes watcheth,  intelligence allergic gender confused individual?!”…



Who can stop you?

“Who can stop you?” – Every time I see it, I wish for a spray can, because I have the perfect answer to that question: Batman!


Light oozing over the horizon, starting to light clouds, mountaintops – skyscrapers – long before the first warming rays reach the ground, to replace the haunting cold fogs of night.

Advocates of the dawning day, singing outside the window in the old birch, the dog rose, the old willow – turbulent mixture of songs, cried and carried away by time and space, winds telling of songs sung long past and only now.



How I sometimes loathe mornings.

No longer safely cradled in night’s secure embrace, the pale mono-bosom up there in the sky, round, pale, full of night’s tales – no longer nursing the mind, chased away by morning’s warm and gentle, brightly lit embrace; now there is only room for softly lit, warmed but not warm – reality.

How I sometimes loathe mornings…

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 6)

Around the ship, clouds of mist danced on the waves, shrouded the shore line from their view. The first rays of light appeared behind the ship, illuminating the mist.

“Morning sure is wonderful here.” Sarah found the air to be refreshing, after all the weeks on sea the air that came down from the slopes around them was a welcome change. John did not reply verbally, his crew began tightening up, just like he was. “Barge on starboard!”, hastily he followed the sailors holler, one of the barges he had sent to shore the day before, was adrift in the waters. One of the tent cloths was curled up inside. “Fredrik, Steven, Carl. Get to that thing!”

The three men immediately climbed down the side of the ship, since their landing in the bay the rope ladders in the sides had not been pulled up.

One swam to the small vessel with a tow in his mouth, his comrades tended to that tow so it wouldn’t slip out of his bite.

With a few quick knots he fixed the rope on the barge, he held on to it while the other two pulled the barge in closer. Their shocked yells as they had pulled away the tent cloth lured Sarah to the railing, against her knowing better.