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Mr.Zed Titlecard

Mr.Zed Titlecard

Mr.Zed Titlecard

Here it is, I bring to you, the Mr. Zed Titlecard, drawn by yours truly.

Perhaps I should leave the pencil (and black ink pen) alone except for writing.

Anyway, I have updated the Index for Mr. Zed as well, hope you folks like it. 😉


Watch it die…

…dying of thirst or hunger is one of the most horrible deaths imaginable.

The slow and agonizing deprivation of your organisms most basic needs are tearing on you and cause you to lose control over yous body, as one by one parts of it shut down, signalling your impending death.

Yet, every so often we put up a dying body in our homes, half a corpse already with no hope of ever returning to life. We watch it die, every day a little. Often we take steps to prolong the suffering of the organism in question. Admitted, no one know whether flowers and trees feel pain, they have no means of communicating this to us, but still we take a bunch of things into our homes and watch them die!

And we pay money for it!
For something that will be dead in a short time!

Imagine the same thing with small, cute animals, like hamsters for example. “Hey, I got this beautiful little critter at the trainstation, isn’t he cute? Now let’s put this cage on that table there.” BAM three days later, dead.

Rationally, you’d want your money back. If it was a vase, a decorative item (f.e. a picture and the colors fade away so that after a week it’s either black or white, but no actual picture anymore) or something else that isn’t for concsumption and thus spoiling if let rest for a while. You buy it, set it up at home and a few days later or a week later – expired. Gone. Dead.
“Give me back my money!”

Not with flowers.
Or christmas trees.
Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want a fake tree ever, only the real deal. But looking at it from a different point of view – you bring home a dying organism, prop it up in your living room, and further humiliate it by decorating it, while it slowly dies away under your very eyes.
Still, wouldn’t want anything BUT a real tree, with REAL candles – get that electric sh*t on some plastic garbage out of my face!

So, I leave you with a question, answerable below (or not at all), what is it with plastic sacks filled with people’s breath? Do we care for the person breathing into the plasticsack so much we want to conserve their breath? Or why do we love Baloons so much ;Þ (Yes, it’s a joke question, deal with it!)


Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 5)

Looking down into the void, or whatever might be beyond the edge could drive any man or woman insane. Forbidding such action would be wise, but in the future people would break it. Rules that forbade actions which did not pose any immediate or apparent danger were always tempting to be broken.

“It’s impossible, isn’t it?” whispering Sarah broke the silence between them. “I’m afraid so.” John replied also in whispers. They felt their curiosity growing inside themselves, any person not with the same level of responsibility in their lives would wander to the edge of the world by the next day to get a glance.

Concerned both turned in the direction of the camp, direct view blocked only by the walls of the cabin they sat in.

Three chimes of the ships bell woke Sarah, Susannah still at her side, but John was gone, after their conversation the night before she was mildly concerned about his whereabouts. “Morning shift!” his voice followed the chimes, calming her tension, it was still dawn, but the sun would rise at any moment.

Quietly as to not wake Susannah, Sarah sneaked out. A few sailors changed shift under John’s watchful eyes. It struck her that she barely saw him sleeping, a few times had he fallen asleep befire she had, but mostly it was her who fell asleep and it was always him who was up before she was.

“Do you ever sleep?” John chuckled upon hearing those words. “When my duties as captain, as friend and as man end, sleep.” he smiked at her, keeping his attention on his crew changing shifts.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 4)

After another half hour the group stopped on the ridge above the bay. Softly it fell downward to the south, branching out low to form the bay. Further to the north and south the land stretched out to the horizon.

“We truly found the end.” the old man mumbled. Below the ridge the slopes fell softly until they ended abruptly, beyond that cliff was nothing but sky.

Sarah gulped. “For now we must not peek at what lies beyond the edge of the world.” after a long frightened sigh she led the party on down the south ridge. Their objective was to scout for any dangers. Other than the gaping infinity beyond and below the edge none of the group could find any dangers.

Holes in the ground suggested the presence of small rodents, or animals taking the same role. Predators hunting them should be around too, otherwise the rim, as Sarah had dubbed the land, would’ve been overrun by the rodents, a barren lifeless rock would be the consequence.

“I couldn’t see presence of any dangerous animal.” Sarah cradled her daughter on her lap while reporting to John. Unlike the rest of her team she had returned to the ship. He had listened to her attentively, especially her description of the edge of the world. At least the part she had been willing to look at long enough to describe in detail. As Susannah had fallen asleep the both exchanged a long quiet gaze. Both knew that the other was thinking the same.

Give stars a chance…

we all run around all our lives trying to figure out what’s what. From cradle to barge.
You can youse all sorts of access, religion, spirituality, hardcore science, and so on. Of course colorful mixtures of this as well.
You can find the answers you seek in holy scriptures, books, scrolls, or pseudo wise tidbits spewn out be a blogging author of not that well written stories.

Or in SciFi.
Yeah, that’s where the Stars come from. Not some of my weird minded stuff flung in your face. But Science Fiction!

Science Fiction has the unique opportunity to play around. It can’t only tell you what’s what, but also what’s not. It opens unique looks on the world, as SciFi is and always had been, and for the most part always will be, a mirror for the society it originated in.

Take Star Trek for example. Black people, asians, a russian, an obvious american and a scottsman working together!
This is breaking up the restrictions that the 60s had, it took a mirror and distorted the image. Mankind, all of mankind, was united! Facing the wonders of space. That the romulans were a metaphor for the Japanese (and/or Chinese) is and was obvious, but it projected that which the western world didn’t understand outwards into space, keeping mankind united. Klingons replaced soviet russians, projected and maintained the integrity.
Although Kirk didn’t always use the fine art of diplomacy at its full potential, he still avoided all out war with the klingons, and the romulans. Even the gorn.
Star Trek even taught us to expect life where we wouldn’t, and to treat it with respect. (Horta)
All in all, the original series was a mirror, and a reminder that although we might have differences we can still work it out.
In the next generation stakes were even higher, but it was almost always brought to a conclusion with diplomacy. There wasn’t as much punching, jumpkicking and shirtripping involved.
Coming from a time in which more and more nations had a button at their desks for nukes, this message was important to us. There was sacrifice, loss, and also gain. NEw threats emerged on the horizon and were dealt with. The rise of the borg foreshadowed the technological craze we experience these days. If apple came up with a chip that connects you to the “iCollective” – the hipsters out there would run and get assimiliated.
On the other hand it builds up a trust to technology, a hopeful trust that we will find ways to integrate technology into our lives in ameaningful and productive way. People living in the big city, with close to no green areas around them would murder for a holodec.
I know I would. Grab your gear and go skiing in mid July, far away from any mountains.
No problem!
The rest of the Star Trek series is also building up on societal issues. Deep Space Nine is one big culture clash in the beginning and also resolving a great conflict with the largely unknown out there. You can see the changelings als metaphor for these brown nosed weasels out there who turn their allegiance with the wind. Whilst Voyage continues the battle with the technocrazed fools, and needs to find their way home, from a place we didn’t want to got – and at times we all feel amiss in the times we’re finding ourselves in. Back to the good ol’ days? In a way, I see Voayger as the most true to the original as possible.
Plus I’d serve under Janeway every day. 😉

The same goes for other scifi shows. Babylon 5 is trying to coarse us all into a peaceful together, rather than a powerful but conflicted “we rule them all” way. The spiritual component of the show might sometimes be distracting, or for some people out right crap, but it is again an attempt to sho us different views on our own life, our own world. The transformations of the characters, especially Londo and G’Kar, are outstanding, but yet feel natural, they take you along and uplift you along with them. The underlying tone is that you have to prevail in the face of difficulty. And that no matter how important you think you are to the greater good, there is always someone filling the gap should you fall. Takes some pressure off ones chest. 😉

Battlestar Galactica (the new SciFi Channel Version) is a great warning about the dangers of over technologizing our society, while it has its merrits, it has its dangers. This show has everything you might want or look for in ANY TV Show. A story arch, politics, action, threat, love, sex, violence, a baby, spirituality and in the end even a monotheistic victory, great hope and chance. The characters are likeable, and understandable. There is trouble, and no hero is the shining piece of gold you think s/he is, we all have a bright, and a dark side. This show more than any other before shine the cold and unforgiving light into the face of society reflected in the mirror. We might differ in our religious beliefs, but at the core, no one is just a hero, but a troubled human being, even if you aren’t a human being. So stop over diefying your war heroes and see them for what they are – heroic, yes, but still just human. That aside it teaches us that racial, xenophobic hatred is a sure path to destruction as even humans and cylons need to learn to get along, and even mingle.
With all the layers and sub layers in this show it is hard to explain, just watch the show in awareness of real world events (of the time it was written and produced), and you see the reflection of reality, and how you, I and everyone else, have to overcome certain problems we as a people and society have.

Although Stargate is the least inspiring one in my list, it is still a wonderful, wonderful mirror of the world we live in! Mirroring the rightousness a certain global superpower displays when dealing with threats and how it slowly but definitely drifts off into an international think-tank, how we can overcome threats on global scales with ways other than total war, as displayed by many nations currewntly. It even dares to touch down on holy wars, trying to combat that particular threat with science, rather than all out war, eventhough the religous nuts in the series try to drag everyone into such an all out war.
Mirroring the petty politics that are going on – despite of greater things at risk. For small, unimportant in the grand scheme, political or financial advantages, some people risk the fate of the world.

Sure, this list lacked Star Wars so far, but only because you’d have to make the distinction between the old trilogy (Episode 4-6) and the new one (1-3). in the old you see ancient beliefs that carefully introduce you to a different world view than what is given at the beginning of the trilogy, the fight between Obiwan and Darth Vader is slower paced and in many ways more epic than the one in the new trilogy, for the simple fact that it should display the ancient weight of the Jedi belief, and both men have aged. Yoda never uses a lightsaber, but educates Luke to use his mind and the force, rather than actual violence and weaponry. Comradery and Friendship overcome obstacles.
The new triology falls short of this. But together with the new Star Trek Films it is a perfect mirror of our times. Sloppy written, fast paced, action packed and perfect for everyone with ADHD. But the badly written films are still a perfect mirror, not only does it serve the need of people who have attentionspans shorter than the duration of subliminal advertising, it also showcases the general confusion we as a society suffer. The fast paced action does as well.
All the time we are bombarded with information, images, sounds, smells, we take our work mentally home with us, bills in the mail, more advertising in the mail, flickering screens in our pockets, on our desks and then theres TV and the movies. Bombarded, distracted and confused – just as these movies. For the sake of the informational clusterfuck I’ll even add Transfoermers here. Bad dialogue, bad plot, bad movie, fast paced, one dimensional characters…thats reality in the mirror, folks!

I’m not firm with Dr. Who, as the episode I saw were bugging me more than they satisfied. But on a certain level they resonated, but I haven’t found the time to get into it.

So all in all, I only can say – give Stars a chance. Watch some series, movies, with the word “Star” in the title. Or other SciFi shows. My explanations on why these things matter so much, at least in my opinion, are by far not complete. But it would exceed my time, blog-space and my will to extend them further. By watching these shows, at least a few episodes, you’ll catch my drift. Sometimes you need an entertaining mirror to see the current condition of the world. Which is partly why I am immensely sad that true SciFi is dead these days.
Remember Blood & Chrome the Battlestar prequel? Cancelled before it hit the air, because SciFi is dead. The SciFi channel even renamed itself into SyFy in demonstration of that fact. But SciFi isn’t pure escapism, since, after all, it is a mirror of the world as it is/was at the time it was created.

Until the next time: may the force be with you, live long and prosper, the corps is mother – the corps is father, so say we all!


Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 3)

“John?” the captain looked up into the caring eyes of a woman. Her daughter peeked to the shore clinching the skirt of her mother in her fists. During the first week of the voyage the widow and he had befriended. “Sarah.” his voice was calm, filled with relief.

“When can we go?” she smiled, yet conveyed the urgency the people aboard felt to leave the ship in her softly voiced words and demeanor. “When the boat returns that there are no dangers ashore, you can all go.” he exhailed the entire sentence. Gently Sarah looked out on the ocean, the boat was but a tiny nutshell rowing in the vast bay. “There is no foreseeable danger.” she squinted her eyes. “If there was any danger in the form of other people there would be smoke rising from their settlements, if there is danger in form of wildlife it won’t be visible from the waters.”, stunned by her simple logic John sighed. With a wink of his hand he gave her the permission to mount an expedition to the shore.

Sarah glanced over the entirety of the bay with a rather satisfied expression. Although there was no river providing them with large quantities of large water, the land seemed moist and fertile, she had climbed to a high position above the bay. A trail of six people in her wake were ascending the slopes of the bay as well. John had remained on the ship together with Susannah. Even though the people aboard the ship were as tiny as ants she could make out the two in the distance. “We shouldn’t be settling here.” an elderly man from her hometown sighed after he had caught his breath. “When it rains this ravine turns into a deathtrap.” he pointed a few meters away from them.

Below them on the soft beaches two more boats landed, people jumped out and carried logs and planks, ropes and cloth. They would begin raising tents just above the tidal zone. “We’re here to explore, not to settle immediately.” Sarah smiled tiredly before ascending further.

Cabin of death!

When laziness is stronger than survival instinct, you’re fucked!
And in my case, it is!

Let me explain, the elevator in my home got stuck twice, with me on board.
It felt like a god damn death trap, and after each incident I vowed to walk the stairs from then on.
Suffice it to say, living in the 6th floor, not counting ground level, so for you Americans out there: the 7th floor, soon made me change my mind back to using the elevator.

I’m only writing this, because recently, I got stuck in the elevator at the office!

Death traps, death traps everywhere!

The elevator in my office failed because of a short circuit in the button panel, I pressed for ground level, the elevator went to the ground level then the short-circuit hit and it stopped between 1st floor and ground level. The elevator at home however is an entirely different story: I don’t know the reason for one of the two times I got stuck, but the other was, that someone had opened the door to the elevatorshaft in the basement. Health and safety systems engaged the emergency stop.

How do I know this so precisely?

Easy, I was suspected as one of the people who could’ve opened it…

That’s right I was suspected to have opened the basement elevator door, while inside the elevator between 5th and 6th floor! What kind of twisted fucked up idiot would make that connection?

Did the accusers really think I unlocked the basement elevator door, sprinted seven storeys up and took the elevator down? Or are they saying I astral-projected my ass down there, just to unlock the door, and get myself, and three other people, stuck in a room roughly 1.25 x 1 meter?
After the thing had stopped between floors the second time I knew how to get out and so I did, I shouldn’t have, but not for health and safety reasons, but insurance regulations!

In case you are wondering how I was able to exit the elevators: 1st time – help arrived. 2nd time – I opened the door myself. 3rd time – pressed the button for 1st floor and walked down…

My survival instinct still hasn’t gotten any stronger, I still take the elevator, rather than the stairs…