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Our little rooftop refuge. Yes the roses are missing as of yet, but their next bloom is due in a few days and I will upload it then. If I’m lucky and the Waterlilly is still/again blooming there will be pictures of it too. And of the huge limetree/basswood/linden across the street. (Just so you know where my “Lavender & Roses” post came from…)




Waters and Butterflies II

I have returned to the running waters of the creek, mostly in order to cool down our dog, and in order to catch some cooler breaths of air as Sahara Heat was being shoved over europe.

Tech News:

New ATM machines, running on facial recognition instead of a PIN Code, run into problems. Reportedly Paris Hilton went to one without makeup and emptied Maggie Smith’s bank account!

Stuff (29.July 2013)

I have a videocamera, a digi cam, a large Music Library, a TV and Radio, an alarmclock, a stopwatch, a watch, a computer with Internet Connection, Browser, E-Mail, office applications, games and a ton of storage capacity, not to mention a phone and a messaging capability to send short text messages to other people.

I always find it astonishing if I think about it this way. Yeah, again I’m beating the virtual again here, but a cellphone is a pretty fraking amazing miracle!
And it shows so many pictures of my baby son. πŸ˜‰

Yet, eventhough I have access to almost all of mankinds information with it, I wonder when I will be able to scan stuff with it? You know, a Tricorder like in Star Trek. “I won’t bord that Subway, oxygen levels in there are so low only lower lifeforms can survive in it!” πŸ˜€

Conspiracy of the seven!
Okay, it isn’t a real conspiracy, but I observed a fascinating obsession we as a society / species have with that prime number. Here it goes, Seven:
β€’ Days in a Week
β€’ Deadly Sins
β€’ Seals
β€’ th Haven
β€’ Wonders of the (ancient) World
β€’ Seasons to Star Trek TNG, DS9 and Voyager
β€’ Summits
More if I stumble upon it. πŸ˜€

Is it an option to return to the mental asylum?
No honestly people, I’m contemplating returning to Facebook, mostly for reasons of making this blog more widely known. But perhaps I’m just going to restart there with a brand new FB site…
Still pondering about this, no rushed decisions. πŸ˜‰

Speaking of insanity, a relative is driving me into angry mode atm. So when I’m not busy with tending to Baby and Babyneeds, my wife, my dog, the apartment, work and a little bit myself (= writing), I’m in angry mode. I beg your fogriveness concerning my lack of activity here.
Aside of that I have prepared for the next few parts of the Whose World Series. (I know you folks don’t like it as much, but maybe you’ll grow to it in time, if not, I still publish it…) see the “Shape of Things to Come” page for details of the schedule.

Hopingyou are ahving a good time never the less.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (pt 19)

Beyond those gardens was a wall of clouds concealing the infinite depths from the eye, but the eyes of the people following were mostly fixed on the road and the small castle at its end. “It’s cultivated.” Sarah whispered, she did not want to draw too much attention from Ferlon, but had to tell John that they had entered land that was obviously populated by more than just Ferlon and his master.

Ferlon stopped at the gates of the castle. He leaned on his staff, not used to physical exercise he was a little short on breath, but still complimented John and the others in. Only after the last of the strangers had walked through the gate did he sigh in relief before returning to his ship.

While wlking down the path he reminisced about all the times he had been sent out to pick up some strangers that had washed ashore on the western rim. Mostly ships that had been wrecked by storms or sea creatures, only rarely did anyone survive, he had never encountered a large lively group before.

“Please! Step up, you folks must be hungry.” a group of clean people in fine clothing had awaited the new arrivals inside the castle walls. Sarah was suspicious of them, as were all the others in the group. “Please, do not be offended by our decline,” she stepped in front of John who was still looking around expecting some sort of ambush or trap. “but we are a little frightened and curious as to why we had been brought here.” completing the sentence together with her, a woman, who appeared to be in the early twenties, stepped towards Sarah. “I said the same thing when I and my crew arrived here.” she smirked, debunking Sarahs estimate concerning her age. “Your questions will soon be answered.” the woman extended her hand towards Sarah to greet her. “My name is Desiree.”

Rustling armor interrupted the greeting. A man in shiny, and highly decorative armor walked up to them, his skin had the same unhealthy, almost ash like complexion, as Ferlon. He pointed at Sarah and John, gestured them to follow him. In a similar silent fashion John told his crew to remain calm and accept the invitation of the townsfolk.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (pt 18)

The clouds of rising vapor glowed golden, the sun set directly behind it, still the ship raced directly towards the gap in the shoreline. As they neared John noticed that the ship slowed down.

A man could walke the same speed the ship navigated through the narrow rocks to both sides of the gap. None of the four had attempted to talk with Ferlon over the thundering noise of the waterfall. “The isle of the western king!” the booming voice Ferlons transcended the noises his passengers deemed to loud to yell over. John watched in amazement a wall of rock appear in the shimmering mist, Ferlon navigated the ship beyond the wall thal led in zigzags further into the west. After some corners the waters calmed down, the sky had showed again, only behind them did the mist reflect evenings colors from the sky.

Gently did the majestic ship halt at a peer, Ferlon again made the plank bridge the gap between his ship and the platform, again did he transport his passengers against their will. “Once the fog lifts you will see the magnificence of this island!” he complimented the passengers off his ship that couldn’t be transported.

Before John could inquire Sarah pulled his sleeve, pointing westward. Steep slopes filled with green trees and a small castle peeled out of the fog, illuminated from behind.

Behind them the plank returned onto the ship, Ferlon stood next to the ship on the peer, apparently he listened to the slight breeze that came from the west, after a long sigh he started moving again. “If you were to follow me.” his words a long exhail of displeasure, he started walking. The road they travelled upon was paved, there were thigh high pillars of stone in regular distances.

Suddenly their tops lit on fire as the evening progressed and the natural light grew less. To the sides of the road was a little grass strip, followed by a low wall beyond which trees grew, Sarah noticed they were mainly fruit bearing trees.


Waters and Butterflies

Went outside again, this time with my father in law, my wife, my son and our dog.

A beautiful path through the floodplains of a little creek and a trail that runs next to it.

In between the twigs and the rocks small butterflies in turquoise fluttered around.

That’s the kind of Backdoor I’d like…make the path and the creek not AS public as this one, and more shade, but all in all…

Is it a second creek, or sewage hat is joining the creek next to that bridge? Looked like fresh water…

As with the last outdoor post – maybe more on a later date. πŸ˜‰

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 17)

Suddenly John and Sarah felt the ship they stood on lift, much weight had been subtracted from the ship. Noise of displeased people arose from the other ship. “Curious.” the old man sighed, his head turned to his ship. “For a crew and a people as distrustful towards magi as yours, there are a lot of magi on this vessel.” Susannah and Gerald stormed on deck behind Sarah and John, the four had not been transferred to other ship. Ferlon lifted his left hand behind his head he pulled off the bandage that covered his eyes. Staring into eyes as black as tar, yet radiating the colors of the void, John pushed Sarah away from the stranger.

“Don’t fear. If I meant you any harm none of you would be standing here.” to prove his harmless nature he plunged forward and gently touched Johns shoulder. For a moment the two men stared at each others eyes, surprise appeared on Ferlons face as he saw the echo of the void in Johns eyes. “You feel no transmitting effect, do you?” he finally found words for his thoughts, still surprised that John had survived the encounter with the void. “Come now,” he waved them to his ship mounting the bandage again.

Saddened John had watched his ship disappear in the distance of the bay as the strange ship took off with him and the others aboard. Sailing a strict course south the vessel followed the coastline of the ever expanding land. John noticed again that the land got thicker, reached further into the sea than at the thin part where his ship had landed. “We’re getting faster by the minute.” Sarah leaned against the railing next to him. Replying with a simple nod John pointed out to the shore. “The forests are getting denser and denser. There is so much land and wood for a settlement.” he sighed, well aware that it would be impossible to maintain safety from curious glances, still he yearned for a peaceful solution. His hopes rested in the individual, or powers, that had sent Ferlon to them. “Look, up ahead!” Sarahs voice tore him from thought. Vapor rose from the horizon, but only from a narrow part of the horizon. Mild concern grew in John, the ship was heading for the rising vapor.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 16)

All sails of the majestic three master were tied up as it slowly came to a halt next to them. On the bridge John could see one single person, it was an old man with unkempt long grey hair, a similar bear. He wore filthy robes of grey cloth and a bandage over his eyes, by all appearances it had been torn from the robe. As the ship stopped the old man reached for a staff that had been standing next to him, balanced on its tip.

Dragging his feet the old man left the bridge and came close to Johns position. “Ahoy there!” the old mans deep booming voice was vibrant with life and energy. “I was sent here to help you folks!” John and Sarah exchanged a puzzled look, before they had watched the ghostly ship withe wide eyes.

“Sent by whom?” John found his voice again.

“Questions you’ll find answered soon enough. My name is Ferlon.” with a slight gesture of his staff a plank pushed from his ship to Johns.

The crew had readied their arms, but formed a wide circle around John and Sarah who stood at the other end of the plank. “My ship shall be the chariot for your crew and cargo to safer shores.” he repeated his offer. Hidden behind a kind smile John felt the same thing his crew felt, utter fear and distrust. “My crew does not know you, nor do they trust a lone magi that comes sailing in with a ship normally operated by dozens.”

The old man smirked under his beard. “I can make them go onto the ship.” the circle around them grew in diameter.

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 15)

Susannah awaited her mother on deck, next to her sat Gerald, he was pale and a little shaky, but otherwise seemed healthy again, as they entered the deck. “He refuses to speak.” a woman in her early twenties stated to Sarah. “Thank you Francine.” her words a mere sigh.

With widened eyes the boy stared at John who returned the gaze. Still feeling the foreign thoughts in his mind John knew that the boy had seen the mesmerizing colors of the void, as knew the boy that John had seen them. “Are you heeding the call?” surprised the two women turned to Gerald, he had clearly addressed John, yet they kneed down to him. “No. I shall not.” John kept standing, he wondered who else on board was a magi in disguise. Him, Sarah and Susannah, now the boy. It was obvious in his eyes he had intimate knowledge of the powers before his encounter with the colors if the void. “Neither shall I.” slowly he got up not averting his eyes once from John. Beyond words the two formed an understanding, exchanging thoughts. Neither would expose the other as magi, yet it was impossible for them to sever the connection between them. John felt that Gerald was in the same position he had been in decades earlier, except there was no powerful Archmage hellbent on world domination.

“Sails from the south!”

Chaos followed the words from the crowsnest, the civilians aboard quickly went below deck, Sarah and Francine helped Gerald, followed by Susannah, who kept staring at John too. “Royal?” John snapped back to his duties as Captain.

“Nay! Unknown!”

Still alarmed John raced to the aft of the ship, since it pointed out to he sea it was the ideal place to look for he strange sails. The other vessel quickly navigated around to the entrance to the bay, but ever so gently and slowly did it close in on Johns ship.