Metallic cluttering accompanied the party of five on their march through the wilderness, Sarah carried a dagger, as did John, their three compatriots carried machetes, axes and even a bow with a dozen arrows.

They yearned for someone with supernatural powers to defend them against the horrors that had claimed the people from the camp, their confidence in their physical weaponry was rather low.

Although the general reputation of magi was very low, at that moment they changed their minds.

Tracks led away from the camp, towards the edge, at daytime a vast ocean of sky and clouds, already drawing the mind into infinity, dragging the body into an endless fall. “It seems that they sped up, they wanted to get out there.” Josephus was kneeing over the tracks, they had walked down hill from the ridge towards the edge. He was glad the captain was there, he felt somewhat protected in his presence, but wouldn’t admit to feeling for John as for a father.

“This is purely voluntary,” John turned to his people. “I shall walk down there, who ever wants to join, just follow me, otherwise stay here.” without awaiting any reactions he turned to the edge and started walking, his ears revealing only Sarah’s steps closely behind him. “Captain!” John glanced over his shoulder, reluctantly Josephus followed him, a large coil of rope over his shoulder. “The ship needs the captain,” he formed a sling around Johns waist, tying a strong knot. Somewhere in the middle of the rope he repeated the exercise with himself, tying another sling around Sarah with the other end of the rope. “I will not be suckered in, if it should happen to either of you,” he indicated that they would pull one another back over the edge without finishing his sentence. Before either Sarah or John could react he blindfolded himself with his scarf.