Their descent to the edge was slow, as they treaded with care, worried that they could make a piece of the world break off. “Look.” Sarah pointed north, the land extended further out into the sky. John nodded and pointed south, the same there. “I remember it got thicker in the south as seen from the ridge, but that it would extend further outward.” Sarah sighed shrugging her shoulders, indicating she had not seen that coming. The tracks on the ground told them that the people who had been at the camp, had picked up even more speed at the point they were at. Worried John glanced to Josephus who walked slowly and carefully, quickly he rushed to Sarah. “I want you to avert your eyes.” he hissed a few steps from the edge. A question was burried in her look, but his determination told her he had knowledge of what was beyond the edge. Knowledge no mortal should have, magi or not.

With Sarah staying a few steps behind, directing Josephus, John inched his way to the edge. All sounds around him vanished, leaving behind only his breath and heartbeat, a silence only disturbed by the rattling of the soil he moved out of place with his steps.

Vast endless blue skies opened up before Johns eyes, he kneed down as to not fall over the edge he had crawled and peeked down. Immediately he felt his grip on the soil beneath his hands tightening, he felt drunk, everything around him seemed to tremble and turn. With a few controlled breaths he regained control over his senses, relaxing his fingers. Out of the clouds deep beneath him something peeled itself into view.

Stunned he gasped for air.

Much like the world there was a huge island, a lake in its center, with several smaller islands in it, all covered by forests. Doubting his eyes he shook his head, looked again. From the distance he saw a few colored specs that lay on the islands rim.


Presumably the people from the camp.