The color of the sky in the deep changed, mesmerizing patterns drew his attention into the unending.

Out of the deep blue, changing colors every moment, stars revealed themselves to Johns eyes, all of a sudden he saw infinite depths below the world filled with billions upon billions of stars, they all sent out their differently hued light, filling the air around him. With a powerful thrust John pushed himself back.

Moaning in exhaustion he opened his eyes again. Still the sky changed colors above him, stars presented themselves to him from above. “John?” Sarah was standing a few meters away with Josephus. “I’ll be alright.” he gasped for air, all of a sudden his body seemed inadequately small, his head was buzzing with ideas and thoughts he had not thought before.

With a loud grunt he turned himself over, facing the ground he stayed on all fours, staring at the soil and the sprouts of grass. Slowly he crawled away from the edge, still drunk from his experience he stayed on the ground until he had reached Sarah and Josephus. “I am incapable of getting up.” immediately Sarah wanted to help him, but was met with a violent outcry of decline by him. “Don’t touch me! It would transmit to you too.” he sighed while sitting down. “There is an island in the stars, our people have fallen there.” both Josephus and Sarah felt their heartbeats stop for a moment, less because of his words but the colorful hues in Johns glowing eyes. “As I am, they were drunk with the powers of the heavens, the thoughts and ideas of the infinite!” his voice carried a tone of admiration with it.

“By the gods and spirits of the void!” Josephus couldn’t contain his wonder and terror over the words he heard. “They have claimed our companions lives my dear Josephus. But not mine.” John hissed. Staring at the determined face of his Sarah and Josephus were puzzled. “Why not you?” Sarah kneed down to him, Josephus suddenly raised his hands. “I can’t see nor hear! Help!” terrified Sarah turned to him. “I have seen beyond, stared into the void before. This is why I lwft the circle!” the sudden clarity, yet unveiled hostility in Johns voice shocked Sarah. As sudden as Josephus had panicked he stopped, looking around he felt glad to be hearing and seeing once again. “Go.” John bowed his head. “We shouldn’t be here.” the glowing in Johns eyes subsided as he spoke, after a few more meters he was capable of getting up.