“I would like to apologize for my impossible demeanor back there.” John walked next to Sarah as they descended back to the shore. “All these insane thoughts, ideas, images and sounds rattled through my mind.” kindly smiling Sarah stretched forth her hand. “Are you still afraid?” John involuntary had shied away from her. His expression clearly saddened he walked a few steps, the three other men were well ahead. “I still feel this,” he gestured with his hands “part of the infinite void inside me.” Curious Sarah walked closer to him. “Why do you think I couldn’t handle it the way you do?”

Studying her eyes for quite a while John sighed afterwards. “Have you ever heard of the Archmage Thuron?” Pale with fear Sarah inched from her opposite. “He was my tutor at the circle. He did these experiments in the vast dungeons beneath the,” John smirked slightly “former, hometower of the circle, the grand Pylon.”

His face covered with a dark shadow of even darker memories John looked into the forest. “That was where I stared into the unshrouded void, beyond it, deep into the hearts of the gods.” he chuckled, reminiscing about Thuron. “He was too much a coward to try it himself, only by luck did I maintain my sanity, but as he helped me up the colors of the void affected him.” Sarah gestured him to stop speaking. She had heared of Thuron the insane, the magi that got drunk with power and madness, who had laid destruction to the great Pylon. The great battle that ensued had almost wiped out the magi, he was rumored to have been the child of two magi, then forbidden as well but cited as a prime example why it was forbidden. “He couldn’t handle it, and he was Archmage. Do understand my concern now?”

Softly Sarah nodded, she turned to the shore. “Why your hatred for the circle?”

With another chuckle John also turned to the sea. “The experiment was sanctioned by the council, the use of me, a then innocent young boy, as part if that experiment, was sanctioned by the council. The council that was supposed to take care of me, teach me. Instead they used me and created the most powerful, destructive being that ever had walked the face of the world.” disappointment was written all over his face as he spoke, shaking it of by shaking his head John found a gentle smile again. “Once I feel it no more, I shall take your hand with delight.”