Susannah awaited her mother on deck, next to her sat Gerald, he was pale and a little shaky, but otherwise seemed healthy again, as they entered the deck. “He refuses to speak.” a woman in her early twenties stated to Sarah. “Thank you Francine.” her words a mere sigh.

With widened eyes the boy stared at John who returned the gaze. Still feeling the foreign thoughts in his mind John knew that the boy had seen the mesmerizing colors of the void, as knew the boy that John had seen them. “Are you heeding the call?” surprised the two women turned to Gerald, he had clearly addressed John, yet they kneed down to him. “No. I shall not.” John kept standing, he wondered who else on board was a magi in disguise. Him, Sarah and Susannah, now the boy. It was obvious in his eyes he had intimate knowledge of the powers before his encounter with the colors if the void. “Neither shall I.” slowly he got up not averting his eyes once from John. Beyond words the two formed an understanding, exchanging thoughts. Neither would expose the other as magi, yet it was impossible for them to sever the connection between them. John felt that Gerald was in the same position he had been in decades earlier, except there was no powerful Archmage hellbent on world domination.

“Sails from the south!”

Chaos followed the words from the crowsnest, the civilians aboard quickly went below deck, Sarah and Francine helped Gerald, followed by Susannah, who kept staring at John too. “Royal?” John snapped back to his duties as Captain.

“Nay! Unknown!”

Still alarmed John raced to the aft of the ship, since it pointed out to he sea it was the ideal place to look for he strange sails. The other vessel quickly navigated around to the entrance to the bay, but ever so gently and slowly did it close in on Johns ship.