All sails of the majestic three master were tied up as it slowly came to a halt next to them. On the bridge John could see one single person, it was an old man with unkempt long grey hair, a similar bear. He wore filthy robes of grey cloth and a bandage over his eyes, by all appearances it had been torn from the robe. As the ship stopped the old man reached for a staff that had been standing next to him, balanced on its tip.

Dragging his feet the old man left the bridge and came close to Johns position. “Ahoy there!” the old mans deep booming voice was vibrant with life and energy. “I was sent here to help you folks!” John and Sarah exchanged a puzzled look, before they had watched the ghostly ship withe wide eyes.

“Sent by whom?” John found his voice again.

“Questions you’ll find answered soon enough. My name is Ferlon.” with a slight gesture of his staff a plank pushed from his ship to Johns.

The crew had readied their arms, but formed a wide circle around John and Sarah who stood at the other end of the plank. “My ship shall be the chariot for your crew and cargo to safer shores.” he repeated his offer. Hidden behind a kind smile John felt the same thing his crew felt, utter fear and distrust. “My crew does not know you, nor do they trust a lone magi that comes sailing in with a ship normally operated by dozens.”

The old man smirked under his beard. “I can make them go onto the ship.” the circle around them grew in diameter.