Suddenly John and Sarah felt the ship they stood on lift, much weight had been subtracted from the ship. Noise of displeased people arose from the other ship. “Curious.” the old man sighed, his head turned to his ship. “For a crew and a people as distrustful towards magi as yours, there are a lot of magi on this vessel.” Susannah and Gerald stormed on deck behind Sarah and John, the four had not been transferred to other ship. Ferlon lifted his left hand behind his head he pulled off the bandage that covered his eyes. Staring into eyes as black as tar, yet radiating the colors of the void, John pushed Sarah away from the stranger.

“Don’t fear. If I meant you any harm none of you would be standing here.” to prove his harmless nature he plunged forward and gently touched Johns shoulder. For a moment the two men stared at each others eyes, surprise appeared on Ferlons face as he saw the echo of the void in Johns eyes. “You feel no transmitting effect, do you?” he finally found words for his thoughts, still surprised that John had survived the encounter with the void. “Come now,” he waved them to his ship mounting the bandage again.

Saddened John had watched his ship disappear in the distance of the bay as the strange ship took off with him and the others aboard. Sailing a strict course south the vessel followed the coastline of the ever expanding land. John noticed again that the land got thicker, reached further into the sea than at the thin part where his ship had landed. “We’re getting faster by the minute.” Sarah leaned against the railing next to him. Replying with a simple nod John pointed out to the shore. “The forests are getting denser and denser. There is so much land and wood for a settlement.” he sighed, well aware that it would be impossible to maintain safety from curious glances, still he yearned for a peaceful solution. His hopes rested in the individual, or powers, that had sent Ferlon to them. “Look, up ahead!” Sarahs voice tore him from thought. Vapor rose from the horizon, but only from a narrow part of the horizon. Mild concern grew in John, the ship was heading for the rising vapor.