The clouds of rising vapor glowed golden, the sun set directly behind it, still the ship raced directly towards the gap in the shoreline. As they neared John noticed that the ship slowed down.

A man could walke the same speed the ship navigated through the narrow rocks to both sides of the gap. None of the four had attempted to talk with Ferlon over the thundering noise of the waterfall. “The isle of the western king!” the booming voice Ferlons transcended the noises his passengers deemed to loud to yell over. John watched in amazement a wall of rock appear in the shimmering mist, Ferlon navigated the ship beyond the wall thal led in zigzags further into the west. After some corners the waters calmed down, the sky had showed again, only behind them did the mist reflect evenings colors from the sky.

Gently did the majestic ship halt at a peer, Ferlon again made the plank bridge the gap between his ship and the platform, again did he transport his passengers against their will. “Once the fog lifts you will see the magnificence of this island!” he complimented the passengers off his ship that couldn’t be transported.

Before John could inquire Sarah pulled his sleeve, pointing westward. Steep slopes filled with green trees and a small castle peeled out of the fog, illuminated from behind.

Behind them the plank returned onto the ship, Ferlon stood next to the ship on the peer, apparently he listened to the slight breeze that came from the west, after a long sigh he started moving again. “If you were to follow me.” his words a long exhail of displeasure, he started walking. The road they travelled upon was paved, there were thigh high pillars of stone in regular distances.

Suddenly their tops lit on fire as the evening progressed and the natural light grew less. To the sides of the road was a little grass strip, followed by a low wall beyond which trees grew, Sarah noticed they were mainly fruit bearing trees.