Beyond those gardens was a wall of clouds concealing the infinite depths from the eye, but the eyes of the people following were mostly fixed on the road and the small castle at its end. “It’s cultivated.” Sarah whispered, she did not want to draw too much attention from Ferlon, but had to tell John that they had entered land that was obviously populated by more than just Ferlon and his master.

Ferlon stopped at the gates of the castle. He leaned on his staff, not used to physical exercise he was a little short on breath, but still complimented John and the others in. Only after the last of the strangers had walked through the gate did he sigh in relief before returning to his ship.

While wlking down the path he reminisced about all the times he had been sent out to pick up some strangers that had washed ashore on the western rim. Mostly ships that had been wrecked by storms or sea creatures, only rarely did anyone survive, he had never encountered a large lively group before.

“Please! Step up, you folks must be hungry.” a group of clean people in fine clothing had awaited the new arrivals inside the castle walls. Sarah was suspicious of them, as were all the others in the group. “Please, do not be offended by our decline,” she stepped in front of John who was still looking around expecting some sort of ambush or trap. “but we are a little frightened and curious as to why we had been brought here.” completing the sentence together with her, a woman, who appeared to be in the early twenties, stepped towards Sarah. “I said the same thing when I and my crew arrived here.” she smirked, debunking Sarahs estimate concerning her age. “Your questions will soon be answered.” the woman extended her hand towards Sarah to greet her. “My name is Desiree.”

Rustling armor interrupted the greeting. A man in shiny, and highly decorative armor walked up to them, his skin had the same unhealthy, almost ash like complexion, as Ferlon. He pointed at Sarah and John, gestured them to follow him. In a similar silent fashion John told his crew to remain calm and accept the invitation of the townsfolk.