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Circle Journal – 2 Naga (ep 4)

Sound of wings swimming in the sea reacher her ears, but didn’t reach her mind.

While all the bodies were drifting away she had swam down to the underwater volcanoes that spent warmth and dim light, for the eggs and young Naga. Judging by the sound her subconscious estimated that she’d be no longer alone in about an hour.

Her eyes slid over the dimly lit landscape around her. Some dead Naga had stuck their stringers into the ground, floating dead anchored to the ground, others were sticking where they had been laying their eggs, still glued to the ground.

Her eyes stopped at a metal sphere. She dared not go near it, had to fight the urge to lay her eggs. They were not ready yet, she would have to build a nest and stick to the ground until they were ready.

“What happened?” the face of an old Naga appeared before her eyes. Unable to reply she simply pointed at the sphere. The old Nagas eyes widened in shock, she waved the slightly younger ones over that had accompanied her. They took the young Naga and lifted her up, gently the old one felt the tummy of the shocked Naga, a wave of relief went through her.

Quickly she led the group away from the breeding ground, now more of a graveyard.

“It is good that you were late.” the old Naga held a cup against the younger ones lips. The cave they were in was lit by sunlight from a caved in dome, but guarded all around. She felt feverish to return to the breeding ground. “I fought the mating urge.” she hissed, the Naga typical lisp echoed back to her.

Astonished the old Naga studied the determination reflecting from the young Nagas expression. Seldomly a Naga tried to fight her urges, and of those who tried only a few resisted for longer than three to four days.

The Naga around her were too old to mate, guarded the breeding grounds for younger generations.

But most Naga who get too old commit suicide, devoid of all the purpose they saw in their lives. Many saw themselves as Succubi of the seas. Normally she did not think it good that a Naga fought her urges, in this case however it was more than good. The entire breeding ground was a graveyard, all the breeding grounds she knew had suffered that fate. “It was the humans, right?” the old naga turned away from the young one.

“Yes.” she stated dryly. “After all the generations, I can’t blame them.” incapable of believing what she just heard the old Naga turned around. “They nearly wipe out our culture and you can’t blame them?”

Stemming herself up, still fighting her instincts the young Naga spread her wings. “What culture?” saving strength to keep herself from returning to the breeding ground she sank back to the ground. “We lay our eggs, and wander off again. The breeding ground guards are the most cultural thing we have achieved! Other than that, it surprises me that we can speak.” the old Naga dropped her shoulders. Thoughts like these, she had banned from her own mind when she was about the same age.

Fighting them all her life.

Circle Journal – 2 Naga (ep 3)

With a saddened expression she retreated from the empty husk that was lying ashore near a dying campfire. Already she had gone through the mating twice, the procedure was memory she had never experienced before, handed down from generation to generation.

With her unlayed eggs inside her she swam out to sea. Deep underneath the waves she followed an invisible path, there were breeding grounds where her kind had laid eggs for generations.

Contemplating her recent actions she swam instinctively not paying much attention to the pitchblack deep sea, until she stopped all of a sudden. Nervously she breathed the water through her gills.

Something was not right.

No trace of any living creature in the nearby sea.

No fish, whales or Naga.

Just the stench of death.

Deeply concerned she fought her urge to return home to lay her eggs. After fighting her mating instinct for over a week it was difficult for her. Confused she drifted in the dark, currents pulled her away from her intended destination. It crossed her mind that she only had to stay as she was to get away from the death smell.

After a few hours she couldn’t resist anymore and continued on her way. Still the perfect silence of the sea and the smell of death engulfed her.

No living thing was around.

Not the gigantic octopi of the deep sea, no sharks. It was unusual silent, even the peaceful, enchanting whale songs were very distant.

As she approached the breeding grounds, she could sense that everything around her was dead.

Naga, whales, fish, crustaceans – all dead.

From her senses she also gathered that the eggs her fellow Naga had laid were all spoiled. In invisible clouds her tears drifted away with the oceans current.

Circle Journal – 2 Naga (ep 2)

As he awoke the young man felt dizzy. His limbs felt slightly numb while his head seemed to weigh ten times heavier than usual. The naga came into his field of vision. The soft scales for skin on her upper body reflected the campfire, making her seem to glow. It was all of a sudden the most beautiful sight he had ever laid eyes upon, immediately he felt aroused. “Relax.” she whispered hiding her hiss well, as she pushed him back to the ground. All to well she knew the desire that arose in his loins. It worked that way, even though she wasn’t all to happy about it, the moment she had stung him his fate was sealed. “You, are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” the lad did not even notice that he had severe trouble speaking with his heavy tongue. “You are a charmer.” she hissed taking his hand putting it on herself. As she did she felt her body react. The pouch opened in which her genitalia were safe from the waters she swam in, ready for his penetration. All by himself he lifted his other hand to touch her, lifting himself from the ground he managed to sit up and kiss her stomach, reaching up to her bosom.

The toxin fuelled passion was burning inside the lad, gently she was running her fingers through his hair, she was actually sad and anything but in the mood, but denying her nature would prove impossible. “You are so chill.” he sounded both amazed and aroused as he described his discovery about her temperature.

“And you are quite hot.” again she only whispered, pushing him to the ground again. She knew he was about ready to find anything amazing and arousing, with a quick move she tore his shirt open. In a fluid motion she bent down to him licked from the edge of his trousers upwards, she bent away from him in doing so, her tongue stayed at his body, being almost ten centimeters long. Just as she predicted, he was immensely aroused by this. As before with his shirt she tore his trousers open, reached for his erection.

Carefully she positioned herself between his legs, eased him into herself.

A surge of pleasure shot through her body.

Even though she felt guilty, the act was pleasuring her.

There was enough strength in the lad for him to reach for her breasts again and move his loins, as she moved her body to give him and herself pleasure. She felt that he was close to reaching his climax, instinctively she moved harder.

Tears formed in her eyes as he shot his seed into her under loud, deep moans.

Never would she have an intimate moment with a lover. Never be with someone, destined to be alone. As his breaths dwindled to whimpers she bent down to him again. “I trust you liked it?” a weak nod was her reply it was all the comfort she could find, his last moments of life were packed with passion and satisfaction. Slowly she rose again, his breathing got weaker and weaker, stopping all together.

The toxin she had injected into him made him weak, as his body was reduced to sexual desire and the production of semen. After his inevitable demise the second part of the toxin got active. Liquifying his inner organs, his muscles and bonemarrow. Ready for her to injest. At that time she had already taken his seed all up into her.

With reluctance she bent towards the lifeless body, from her upper jaw she extended two large teeth, penetrating his weakened skin with little effort, she soon feasted on him. Would it not be for the wellfare of her kind she wouldn’t do what she was doing.

She preferred fish and fruit, but soon she had to lay three to half a dozen eggs, already they fertilized inside her, they needed his liquified remains to mature until hatching.

Circle Journal – 2 Naga (ep 1)

The scaly body wound in the shallow waters, seemingly oily in the pale moon light. A sharp stinger sat at the rear end of the snake like body, glistening dangerously in the pale moonlight.

At the other end sat the upper body of a young woman, her skin also compressed of scales but much finer ones than her lower body regions. Softly her voluptuous bosom rose and sank with her slow breaths.

On her face was a tormented expression of unbearable desire. With a disgruntled cry she rose, spreading gigantic wings on her back.

She threw herself back out into the waters. Using the wings to swim, she plowed through the water, diving deeper and deeper, away from the full moon above the water. Water streamed through her gills. A few dozen meters below the surface she stopped, turned upwards and started accelerating again.

As if a violent explosion had occured, her slender, yet muscular, body shot out of the waters. In mid air she reopened her wings to catch herself.

Breathing the cold nightly air through her nose and partially opened lips, she turned away from the open sea, flew higher using her wings and sought land.

After a few minutes her senses told her she had found what she was looking for.


“Good catch tonight.” an elderly man turned smiling to a young lad, both wore simple clothing, fishing gear over their shoulders. And several fish. “Yes, good catch.” the younger replied. He couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched.

Since he often suffered from this paranoia he tried to ignore it. “We’re alone son. No need to worry.” the elder smiled tired, marching on.

Crackling twigs above them made him stop and swear, quickly he turned to his son, only to see a Naga plunging from the skies, her wings encapsulated the lad, with a sudden move her tail stinger shot into the young mans body.

Before he could react the Naga had spread her wings again, knocking him away. Forcefully she used her long snake body to push herself into the air and lifting off again.

Screaming in anger the man stretched his hand to her disappearing shape.

She had taken his son with her.

Circle Journal – 2 Naga (Title Card)



Creeks and Trees

The lcoation is called “Schwarzenberg Allee” here in my hometown. There is this little creek running down at the side of the way. It’s not as “feral” as usual, but we were there with the pram, and that requires a more even surface to drive on.

Please forgive the quality of the pictures, had to use my wife’s cam (cellphone) as mine (cellphone) was experiencing trouble with the SD Card…(perhaps I should switch to a smaller one, 16GB is a lot to take on…)

Treeline with trimmed grass in forground

The creek

A pond fuelled by the recent rains, trees usually don’t grow out of ponds.

Trees, Trees, Trees and Paths

A lonely statue in the middle of nowhere…

Circle Journal – 1 Edge (ep 24 finale!)

“What has happened to me is not your fault.” John regained his composure. Gradually Wernthar returned to his original size, he glanced over to Sarah, at her gentle smile. Deep inside of him he felt a pain he had thought impossible to feel. For Sarahs well being he would give everything. “So that she, and the others are safe, separate from the world of man, would it be possible,” John did not move his lips, invisible to the eyes of hers and the maiden had he raised a wall around him and Wernthar. He felt Wernthars mind probing his every conscious thought, just kept thinking. “to turn me into an anchor? She, her daughter and Gerald have suffered too gravely in the company of man.”

Turning his gaze also to Sarah Wernthar pondered for a moment. Feeling the hidden pain in Sarahs heart and Johns own, Wernthar sighed. “It is possible.”

Susannah and Gerald sat side by side on the shore of a small island. Their eyes were locked on the fantastic sight above the shoreline.

Incredible tall rock formations rose in the sky, trees gre on it, tiny enough to appear like hair. Between a ridge on that shoreline and the rock a long hanging bridge of steel and wood led to a cavern that allowed for passage from the surface to the bridge.

Sarah stepped out of the house that she lived in, she walked the steppes down to the beach in silence. A bittersweet sigh escaped her lungs as she grabbed a hand full of the mud there. She too enjoyed the view, but turned to the house. It sat on stilts, soft grass grew underneath it. The simple wooden house sent out an aura of peace and comfort. Behind it a tall structure rose in the sky, it balanced on a single pole, but had softly swung ramps covered with fruit trees, crops and vegetables. Somewhere on those serpentines she saw the shape of a man, again did her heart feel a bittersweet sting.

“Good morning John!” her words caused Susannah and Gerald to look as well. Quietly the man in the distance looked up. He waved them.

Still Sarah couldn’t believe that John sacrificed his mortality for her and the children.

“Good morning!” the yell from the neighboring isle woke Sarah from her bittersweet thoughts, she turned to see a couple that just had stepped into the morning light as well.


Newly arrived magi.

Glad that the five anchors had spread the word amongst runaway magi about the islands, John turned his attention back to the gardens. “Welcome home.” he mumbled to himself, addressing Sarah, but the other magi as well, before tending the plants further.