The guard led the two through a few gates, they marched up a wooden stair, only to find themselves in yet another court. One of the doors leading away into adjacent rooms opened. A pale young woman in robes stepped out, thanked the guard and waved the guests in.

In a large comfortable chair rested the oversized head of a stone statue, but it didn’t seem as lifeless as the statues either of the two had ever seen before. “Come! You wanted to know of the powers that be.” the way the stone head spoke let John petrify, it was as if he had heard that particular way of articulation before, in the void.

Studying the horrified expressions of his guests the stonehead sighed. “I forgot. Please forgive me.” the rock began to shiver and transformed into a man. After the change had occured he took a few deep breaths before he got up. “The people on my island call me the Westend King, or Wernthar.” his pretended happiness was obvious to both of his visitors, he offered the two a seat at a table in the far corner from the door, which they accepted. The maiden in the robe stayed at the door.

“Why were we brought to this island?” John had always found diplomacy to stand in tbe way of the truth, or at least the object.

“Survival. Yours to be precise.” Wernthar paused for a moment. “Most of you wouldn’t survive a glance into the void.”, still studying Johns eyes.

As if answering a question Wernthar shook his head, paired wirh a long sigh he glanced to the maiden, who blushed slightly. “Did you strive to become immortal?” a hint of a basaltic texture crossed his entire complexion. “Someone strived, someone strives right now. I have no desire for it.” John replied, the weight of the impressions from the void was still heavy on his mind, these impressions gave him a sense of immortality. “Eternal youth?” Wernthar addressed Sarah, her expression changed from surprise to puzzlement.

“You bore the void inside yourself. Twice.” turning to Sarah he continued,”And you channeled it into this world.” an expression of offense formed on her face, but her words were stopped by Johns look. “Why, I see that you wouldn’t deny eternal youth.”

Wernthar jumped to his feet, offsetting his guests a little, with slow paces he wandered to the window. Only a hint of evenings colors in the distance told of the infinite distances surrounding three sides of the island. “People don’t age on the rim as they age in your home regions, part of why they lose their mind sooner or later.” with a wink of his hand he called forth the robed maiden. She stopped mid way between Wernthar and his guests. “How old are you?” again Sarah guessed her age before she spoke. “Fifty-seven.” coughing Sarah jumped to her feet, supported by John so she wouldn’t lose her balance. “If you are any age near that, soon you’ll find yorselves rejuvenated.” not turning from the window Wernthar explained to them that children aged until they became pubescent, from then on their ageing was slowed significantly.