“He sees the events of a day gone by, the setting sun tells him.” Desiree sat in the midst of the new arrivals, each had gotten a meal as well as a pint of ale the islanders brewed. “Osthaya is said to be a female, the Eastend Queen. She knows what will come to pass during the day, but we don’t know ourselves, this was told to us by Wernthar.” she had drawn a crude map with liquid on the table and pointed to the other end of it, the location of Wernthars island was indicated by her own pint. “Knowledge of the nights belong to the north and south king and queen.” Desiree vaguely pointed to the other tips of her circle. Already had she disclosed her age of fifty-eight to the baffled strangers, most of her audience was willing to settle on the island.

All of them, except for Gerald and Susannah. The two youngsters sat a little outside of the of the crowd, still listening but not as swayed as the others. Desiree glanced over to them every now and then. Determined to win them over as well.

“Immortality has its merits!” the robed maiden glowed with enthusiasm as she brought the topic back up in the conversation with John and Sarah. Wernthar still stood staring out of the window. “Also its faults.” although John faced the maiden he glanced to his host. “After some time you’ll have read every book, heard every instrument, or combination of instruments, play every song, you’ll have seen everything beautiful, everything terrible, tasted all that is well and all that is terrible.” out of the corner of his eyes did he see Wernthars skin turn ash grey, with a rock like texture. “You’ll have felt all emotion, from love to hatred.” he paused, looking back at the maiden who seemed terrified by his words. “All beauty will have turned to dust before your very eyes, into ash inside your very mouth. If you ask me, immortality is overrated. We mortals strife to leave an immortal sign for future generations, in the vain hope to transcend into that future ourselves! But only through our mortality do we value beauty, peace, taste and love!” John got up walked to the door. “I decline immortality, I always shall. And if you were wise, you would too.” a wall of darkness obstructed John from Sarahs and the maidens eyes. Wernthar was inside that wall as well.

“For a mortal you know the pain of an immortal very well.” Wernthar had turned away from the window. John kept his back turned to the powerful Westward King. “You said it yourself I glared into the void twice.” with a cynical smirk on his lips he turned to his host. “If it would truly end my life, if I had a guarantee that I’d die of thirst, starvation, at least old age or fright, I would fling myself over the edge rather than to life forever!” he paused. The image of the tiny dots on the rim of the island in the sky appeared before his eye, causing him to think.