“The island.” he started, but paused again. The forests surrounding the lake on that island seemed to spring to life in his mind. “There is no conceivable way to get it, is there?” Wernthar looked at his guest in wide wonder. Over the aeons he had gathered stranded people from the Western shore of the rim on his island, mostly because he wanted a glimpse at what he couldn’t feel any more, a hint of mortality for him to enjoy the beauty of life which comes only with the certainty of death. Never had he considered to bring them on the island in the skies. Even if someone saw it, none of the people who had and survived the accompanying glance at the void asked about it. “Do you wish to bury your dead?” Wernthar knew John considered colonizing, but tried to coarse him in another direction.

“No. Their graves are at the rim of that isle. Eventhough I have seen it twice I dare not glance into the void a third time to recover them. I want to settle there.” John stared at Wernthar, though he possibly challenged a being as powerful as the gods he had to try. In his eyes the island was another world, a world isolated from the atrocities of man. “I can reach it.” Wernthar sighed turning to his window once more. “But once there you are out of my reach, I will learn of your fate only on the eve of the following day, as the sun sets there after it had set here.” a shadow of doubt crossed his face as he returned his gaze to his guest. “I’m not even sure whether you can survive there.” the walls around them dropped revealing the maiden and Sarah who were surprised, as the wall had blocked them with darkness as well. “The island has no anchor. The world has five. Me, the king of the Northern edge, the queens of South and East and the central column. The latter being an androgynous entity deeply beneath the earth.” John swallowed. Something his master had babbled about before his devastating madness got the best of him. A creature of the void he had discovered in his dungeons, but only excavated partially until he had mastered the powers of the void. Vague disturbing images of a cup came spewing from his memory, a silvery liquid inside it, it was forced into his throat. Quickly John shook these memories off.

“In order for the island to sustain you and not crumble under your presence, you would need an immortal.” Wernthar felt victorious, though he couldn’t let the people return to the world they had come from, with memories of his sheltered island, he could let them go to the island. Unharmed, unaltered, immediately.

“You said I gave birth to the void.” Sarahs insides felt mangled just thinking about Susannah as something other than her beloved daughter, but Wernthars words were fresh on her mind.