“Are you two certain I can’t interest you to listen to me again?” Desiree stood next to the table of Susannah and Gerald, both shook their heads, longingly she gazed out the window to the walls behind which Wernthar lived. It was her duty to lull new arrivals into staying out of their own free will, but with the two young people in front of her she sensed a certain reluctance.

“Your child is the child of two magi, as you call them, by nature a very powerful magi.” Wernthar had seated himself once more. His guests also were back at the table, only his maiden was standing, she had withdrawn to the door. “But all magi carry a little bit of the void inside them.” he stared at Sarah with a blank expression as if he stared through her. “Every magi parenting a child with another magi is getting a little bit of the void into this world.” while listening to his words Johns mind wandered off. His master had been right in his assumption that taking in a bit of the void would increase the powers of a magi. But apparently some people were not made out to contain such power within themselves. “But she is by far not the anchor we’d need, correct?” John jumped ahead of the conversation. Softly Wernthar shook his head, an apologetic smile on his lips. “Well then.” John got up taking a few steps towards the door. “Seems as if we’re about to stay.” he sighed, but stopped, his face marked by thoughts he did not want to think. “If one were to drink the blood of an anchor, what would that do to that anchor? And to the one drinking said blood?” Unseen by John Wernthars skin assumed a stone like texture immediately. Sarah inched away from the westend king, his expression grew cold and grim. “You could destabilize that anchor. And if you drank of my blood you would,” Wernthar paused studying John from behind. “The Thuron incident!” he hissed getting up, losing his stone texture again, honest worry was all over his face. “You were the boy that he had experimented upon!” John had unwillingly cringed a little at the mention of his former masters name. Wernthar now was taller as John, turned the man slowly around while holding his shoulders. “I never thought you’d turn up at the rim.” it dawned on John that he didn’t go to the sea all by himself, the five anchors had guided him there. “I saw that you harboured the void twice but did not care to look deeper. Forgive me.” the maiden at the door lost her composure, for the first time had she heard a heartfelt apology from Wernthar.