“What has happened to me is not your fault.” John regained his composure. Gradually Wernthar returned to his original size, he glanced over to Sarah, at her gentle smile. Deep inside of him he felt a pain he had thought impossible to feel. For Sarahs well being he would give everything. “So that she, and the others are safe, separate from the world of man, would it be possible,” John did not move his lips, invisible to the eyes of hers and the maiden had he raised a wall around him and Wernthar. He felt Wernthars mind probing his every conscious thought, just kept thinking. “to turn me into an anchor? She, her daughter and Gerald have suffered too gravely in the company of man.”

Turning his gaze also to Sarah Wernthar pondered for a moment. Feeling the hidden pain in Sarahs heart and Johns own, Wernthar sighed. “It is possible.”

Susannah and Gerald sat side by side on the shore of a small island. Their eyes were locked on the fantastic sight above the shoreline.

Incredible tall rock formations rose in the sky, trees gre on it, tiny enough to appear like hair. Between a ridge on that shoreline and the rock a long hanging bridge of steel and wood led to a cavern that allowed for passage from the surface to the bridge.

Sarah stepped out of the house that she lived in, she walked the steppes down to the beach in silence. A bittersweet sigh escaped her lungs as she grabbed a hand full of the mud there. She too enjoyed the view, but turned to the house. It sat on stilts, soft grass grew underneath it. The simple wooden house sent out an aura of peace and comfort. Behind it a tall structure rose in the sky, it balanced on a single pole, but had softly swung ramps covered with fruit trees, crops and vegetables. Somewhere on those serpentines she saw the shape of a man, again did her heart feel a bittersweet sting.

“Good morning John!” her words caused Susannah and Gerald to look as well. Quietly the man in the distance looked up. He waved them.

Still Sarah couldn’t believe that John sacrificed his mortality for her and the children.

“Good morning!” the yell from the neighboring isle woke Sarah from her bittersweet thoughts, she turned to see a couple that just had stepped into the morning light as well.


Newly arrived magi.

Glad that the five anchors had spread the word amongst runaway magi about the islands, John turned his attention back to the gardens. “Welcome home.” he mumbled to himself, addressing Sarah, but the other magi as well, before tending the plants further.