The scaly body wound in the shallow waters, seemingly oily in the pale moon light. A sharp stinger sat at the rear end of the snake like body, glistening dangerously in the pale moonlight.

At the other end sat the upper body of a young woman, her skin also compressed of scales but much finer ones than her lower body regions. Softly her voluptuous bosom rose and sank with her slow breaths.

On her face was a tormented expression of unbearable desire. With a disgruntled cry she rose, spreading gigantic wings on her back.

She threw herself back out into the waters. Using the wings to swim, she plowed through the water, diving deeper and deeper, away from the full moon above the water. Water streamed through her gills. A few dozen meters below the surface she stopped, turned upwards and started accelerating again.

As if a violent explosion had occured, her slender, yet muscular, body shot out of the waters. In mid air she reopened her wings to catch herself.

Breathing the cold nightly air through her nose and partially opened lips, she turned away from the open sea, flew higher using her wings and sought land.

After a few minutes her senses told her she had found what she was looking for.


“Good catch tonight.” an elderly man turned smiling to a young lad, both wore simple clothing, fishing gear over their shoulders. And several fish. “Yes, good catch.” the younger replied. He couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched.

Since he often suffered from this paranoia he tried to ignore it. “We’re alone son. No need to worry.” the elder smiled tired, marching on.

Crackling twigs above them made him stop and swear, quickly he turned to his son, only to see a Naga plunging from the skies, her wings encapsulated the lad, with a sudden move her tail stinger shot into the young mans body.

Before he could react the Naga had spread her wings again, knocking him away. Forcefully she used her long snake body to push herself into the air and lifting off again.

Screaming in anger the man stretched his hand to her disappearing shape.

She had taken his son with her.