As he awoke the young man felt dizzy. His limbs felt slightly numb while his head seemed to weigh ten times heavier than usual. The naga came into his field of vision. The soft scales for skin on her upper body reflected the campfire, making her seem to glow. It was all of a sudden the most beautiful sight he had ever laid eyes upon, immediately he felt aroused. “Relax.” she whispered hiding her hiss well, as she pushed him back to the ground. All to well she knew the desire that arose in his loins. It worked that way, even though she wasn’t all to happy about it, the moment she had stung him his fate was sealed. “You, are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” the lad did not even notice that he had severe trouble speaking with his heavy tongue. “You are a charmer.” she hissed taking his hand putting it on herself. As she did she felt her body react. The pouch opened in which her genitalia were safe from the waters she swam in, ready for his penetration. All by himself he lifted his other hand to touch her, lifting himself from the ground he managed to sit up and kiss her stomach, reaching up to her bosom.

The toxin fuelled passion was burning inside the lad, gently she was running her fingers through his hair, she was actually sad and anything but in the mood, but denying her nature would prove impossible. “You are so chill.” he sounded both amazed and aroused as he described his discovery about her temperature.

“And you are quite hot.” again she only whispered, pushing him to the ground again. She knew he was about ready to find anything amazing and arousing, with a quick move she tore his shirt open. In a fluid motion she bent down to him licked from the edge of his trousers upwards, she bent away from him in doing so, her tongue stayed at his body, being almost ten centimeters long. Just as she predicted, he was immensely aroused by this. As before with his shirt she tore his trousers open, reached for his erection.

Carefully she positioned herself between his legs, eased him into herself.

A surge of pleasure shot through her body.

Even though she felt guilty, the act was pleasuring her.

There was enough strength in the lad for him to reach for her breasts again and move his loins, as she moved her body to give him and herself pleasure. She felt that he was close to reaching his climax, instinctively she moved harder.

Tears formed in her eyes as he shot his seed into her under loud, deep moans.

Never would she have an intimate moment with a lover. Never be with someone, destined to be alone. As his breaths dwindled to whimpers she bent down to him again. “I trust you liked it?” a weak nod was her reply it was all the comfort she could find, his last moments of life were packed with passion and satisfaction. Slowly she rose again, his breathing got weaker and weaker, stopping all together.

The toxin she had injected into him made him weak, as his body was reduced to sexual desire and the production of semen. After his inevitable demise the second part of the toxin got active. Liquifying his inner organs, his muscles and bonemarrow. Ready for her to injest. At that time she had already taken his seed all up into her.

With reluctance she bent towards the lifeless body, from her upper jaw she extended two large teeth, penetrating his weakened skin with little effort, she soon feasted on him. Would it not be for the wellfare of her kind she wouldn’t do what she was doing.

She preferred fish and fruit, but soon she had to lay three to half a dozen eggs, already they fertilized inside her, they needed his liquified remains to mature until hatching.