With a saddened expression she retreated from the empty husk that was lying ashore near a dying campfire. Already she had gone through the mating twice, the procedure was memory she had never experienced before, handed down from generation to generation.

With her unlayed eggs inside her she swam out to sea. Deep underneath the waves she followed an invisible path, there were breeding grounds where her kind had laid eggs for generations.

Contemplating her recent actions she swam instinctively not paying much attention to the pitchblack deep sea, until she stopped all of a sudden. Nervously she breathed the water through her gills.

Something was not right.

No trace of any living creature in the nearby sea.

No fish, whales or Naga.

Just the stench of death.

Deeply concerned she fought her urge to return home to lay her eggs. After fighting her mating instinct for over a week it was difficult for her. Confused she drifted in the dark, currents pulled her away from her intended destination. It crossed her mind that she only had to stay as she was to get away from the death smell.

After a few hours she couldn’t resist anymore and continued on her way. Still the perfect silence of the sea and the smell of death engulfed her.

No living thing was around.

Not the gigantic octopi of the deep sea, no sharks. It was unusual silent, even the peaceful, enchanting whale songs were very distant.

As she approached the breeding grounds, she could sense that everything around her was dead.

Naga, whales, fish, crustaceans – all dead.

From her senses she also gathered that the eggs her fellow Naga had laid were all spoiled. In invisible clouds her tears drifted away with the oceans current.