Sound of wings swimming in the sea reacher her ears, but didn’t reach her mind.

While all the bodies were drifting away she had swam down to the underwater volcanoes that spent warmth and dim light, for the eggs and young Naga. Judging by the sound her subconscious estimated that she’d be no longer alone in about an hour.

Her eyes slid over the dimly lit landscape around her. Some dead Naga had stuck their stringers into the ground, floating dead anchored to the ground, others were sticking where they had been laying their eggs, still glued to the ground.

Her eyes stopped at a metal sphere. She dared not go near it, had to fight the urge to lay her eggs. They were not ready yet, she would have to build a nest and stick to the ground until they were ready.

“What happened?” the face of an old Naga appeared before her eyes. Unable to reply she simply pointed at the sphere. The old Nagas eyes widened in shock, she waved the slightly younger ones over that had accompanied her. They took the young Naga and lifted her up, gently the old one felt the tummy of the shocked Naga, a wave of relief went through her.

Quickly she led the group away from the breeding ground, now more of a graveyard.

“It is good that you were late.” the old Naga held a cup against the younger ones lips. The cave they were in was lit by sunlight from a caved in dome, but guarded all around. She felt feverish to return to the breeding ground. “I fought the mating urge.” she hissed, the Naga typical lisp echoed back to her.

Astonished the old Naga studied the determination reflecting from the young Nagas expression. Seldomly a Naga tried to fight her urges, and of those who tried only a few resisted for longer than three to four days.

The Naga around her were too old to mate, guarded the breeding grounds for younger generations.

But most Naga who get too old commit suicide, devoid of all the purpose they saw in their lives. Many saw themselves as Succubi of the seas. Normally she did not think it good that a Naga fought her urges, in this case however it was more than good. The entire breeding ground was a graveyard, all the breeding grounds she knew had suffered that fate. “It was the humans, right?” the old naga turned away from the young one.

“Yes.” she stated dryly. “After all the generations, I can’t blame them.” incapable of believing what she just heard the old Naga turned around. “They nearly wipe out our culture and you can’t blame them?”

Stemming herself up, still fighting her instincts the young Naga spread her wings. “What culture?” saving strength to keep herself from returning to the breeding ground she sank back to the ground. “We lay our eggs, and wander off again. The breeding ground guards are the most cultural thing we have achieved! Other than that, it surprises me that we can speak.” the old Naga dropped her shoulders. Thoughts like these, she had banned from her own mind when she was about the same age.

Fighting them all her life.