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Circle Journal – 2 Naga (ep 13)

Serpentine enjoyed the warm sunrays on her as she was lying in the sun. Her wings were unfolded and stretched to her sides, almost as if she was flying or swimming. Over the course of the past few weeks spring had come and fully made winter retread. Neither she nor Gyle wanted to move on. They considered returning to the village, or at least the sheppards den.

“Serpentine!” Gyle waved to her elevated position from the mountain slope, high heartedly she flung herself from her rocky spot and glid down to him. The fur of the boars were stacked at his side. He had not hunted for more since her energence from hibernation, he wanted to look for something to hunt once they were at the lake.

“We can use them as bed now and in the summer, and to keep us warm in the next winter.” he boasted about his idea to take the fur with them. A painful expression crossed Serpentines face, worried Gyle grasped for her hand but she withdrew quickly. “In the summer,” she stammered, sighing deeply. “You should stay away from me in the summer.” Gyle softly leaned his to the side. “I am convinced that I am safe.” again there was a confidence and reassurance in his voice that made all her worries disappear. “What if I am nothing but the scorpion from your fable?” she cried, now reaching for his hand. Gently Gyle laid his arm around her, comforting her against his shoulder, uttering soothing sounds after each of her sobs.

“Then I shall always be with you.” he sighed. Serpentine and he parted a little, catching each others eyes with theirs. Unsure when it had happened or how, Gyle realized in that moment, that he loved Serpentine. The thought of parting ways with her made him sad to the point of physical pain.

“I will always stay at your side.” Serpentine felt similarly, but the fear that she might kill him when in heat, was driving an even more painful thorn into her heart than the thought of parting ways with him .

Slowly they found back together. Their lips touched and seemed to melt together for a gentle, loving kiss.

Holding hands and pulling the sleigh like contraption Gyle had built, the two moved towards the hut. Years of neglect had made its roof leaking and the walls needed some work. Now that they were preparing to stay at that location Gyle made plans to fix these things. It would take much of work for it to get Winter ready, maybe it’d never be, but for most of the year the two could stay at that location.

Serpentine was still doubting her capability to suppress the mating urge, but she was willing to. As she gathered wood for a campfire in the nearby forest her dream from hibernation came back to her mind. Lost in thought she stared at the hut on the vast green field.

Hammering noise echoed over to her bringing her back to reality.


Why do we allow only the dystopian nightmares to become reality but not the utopian dreams?

When I was a kid, I saw a clip. In it a man in a supermarket was stuffing groceries under his trench coat, looking around in a nervous fashion, then he bound for the door. Suddenly lasers were swooping him up and down, a guard – two meters tall and broad at the shoulders – approached him: “Your bill, sir.”

It was supposed to show us the wonderful wireless future technology! No mouthy cashier, no fumbling around with cash or card. No! It’s wireless heaven!

And boy, did that nightmare become reality!

RFID chips, folks. RFID chips.
They are printed on, or woven in, the packaging, and are completely inert. They give off no signals!
Unless they come in range of a scanner, drawing power from the ether, they tell the scanner “Brand X, carton of milk.” And all is added up by the computer.

Then the creditcard companies (and cellphone companies) came up with wireless payment schemes! Admitted the NFC is somewhat different, but by far.
Now the supermarket computer has your Brand X milk and creditcard number! WIRELESS!
In fact, soon, EVERY such scanner will. I won’t be surprised if public transport will soon have NFC and/or RFID scanners, making you traceable through town!

BigBrother is watching, and reading your encrypted mail. And listening to your skype, your phone calls and reading your texts! Yes the NSA.
I wonder why they bother, all the info they would ever want is freely available on Facebook! “Where are you?” “Who are you with?” “What are you doing?” – Am I the only one who thinks OAG should be the voice and face of facebook?

Back to the NSA, they should rebrand themselves and merge with facebook: INSABOOK. (InterNational Security Agency -book). All in one, let’s make it mandatory for people to have an account, implant them all with mandatory RFID chips, and let the security unfold.

Honestly. Why DO we allow the dystpian nightmares to unfold? We WANT an utopian society that has no money and works for the betterment of mankind (yes, Star Trek), but we give rise to an eerie mix of Robocop, Alien and 1984.


As a critical observer I enjoy poking at this, at a human – I weep for mankind.

If you have answers for my question(s), please feel free to reply to this post.

Circle Journal – 2 Naga (ep 12)

“I saw tracks of some boars out there. We’re going to feast royally during our stay.” irritated Serpentine looked at him. She had no idea what a boar was, but she trusted him that it was delicious.

Another explosion of previously unknown tastes flooded Serpentines senses, as she ate from the boar tha Gyle had brought. The Animal was huge, it surprised her that a man like Gyle with a rather weak physique could’ve killed it. “It was a trap.” he pointed at the animal, indicating that he trapped the boar and did not hunt it down. Acknowledging Serpentine nodded, she was asking herself how good fish might taste when prepared the human way, instead of raw.

One of these days she’d have to ask Gyle. Before that however she had to sleep.

Exhausted Serpentine was laning against a log they had brought into the cave. “I’m tired.”

Gyle looked up, genuine worry in his eyes. “Hibernation or just a good nights sleep?”

Oblivious to the answer Serpentine shrugged her shoulders, all her limbs felt as heavy as lead, she had hibernated before but never on land.

“I will take care of you either way.” he smiled working on the skin and fur if the boar. “Thank you kindly.” she breathed feeling the cold of early winter pull her into hibernation.

Gyle came to the small house with a dead boar behind him on a tow. As she saw him Serpentine got up. Surprised she looked down on herself to see her feet in the short grass around the hut. “Papa!” the voice of a child screamed from her side. A small boy had emerged from the house. “May I help him Mama?” baffled and overwhelmed with joy Serpentine nodded, to which the little boy ran off towards Gyle and his boar.

The wonderful taste of boar, roasted on the open fire, a few slices of bread on the side, was filling the following supper.

Still the smell of roasting meat was lingering in Serpentines nose as she opened her eyes. But a few things had changed around her. There were two dead boars lying in the cavern, she had been covered with fur. At the fire place she could see a man.

His hair was a mess and his beard was covering the major part of his face. Startled she rose up, only to discover she had difficulty rising from the soft furry underground. The strange man at the fire raised his eyebrows. “You’re awake.” Gyles voice stated. Serpentine looked at the man intensely. “Oh! Sorry about the beard, I meant to shave it but the light in here is terrible.” he smiled. Calmed down Serpentine sank back onto the bed that Gyle had made for her. With a few words he explained to her that she had slept for a few months, spring was around the corner, he had not anticipated her to awake when she did.

“I probably woke because I haven’t eaten enough before.” she glanced to a roasting piece of flesh. Only slowly did she feel the cold in the cavern, which was the reason why Gyle kept the dead boars near. Predators and Scavengers would consume it further out before they froze.

Closer to the fire they’d spoil.

Or so Serpentine assumed.

Stop Scanning! (Comedy)

I hate citrus.
I personally think it is a weak fruit hiding behind a strong aroma. An aroma that makes my teeth hurt when I smell it, and that can peel the paint off walls if used too freely. Other than that there’s nothing to a citrus. Vitamin C levels are higher in a potato or an apple. So the citrus is a weak fruit, without any additional flavour or aroma other than the widely known.

But that ain’t the issue here.

I’m somewhat old school when it comes to the digital department. Not that I’m against the development of new technology, or new social media.
Far from it.

What I loathe is useless crap. No, not bashing google glass, it IS useless, but a nice gadget.
No. I hate the media systems that scan your HD for media.
MP3 players and such.

I always had a tidy music collection:
Z:\>MP3\Genre\Artist\Album\Artist – Song.mp3
I don’t want them sorted by some bloody ID3 Tag that is wrongly maintained by EVERYONE! Downloaded, bought, ripped – don’t matter, that shit is always wrong!

I once copied an Album using Media Player and I correctly named the Album, guess what? Only the first three songs were correctly tagged.
I only saw this later on my MP3 player, not right away.
By then I had given up.

I know of people – my generation – who have a song in their “library”, but when they look for it on their hard drive it is no where to be found!

Woohoo smarty pants, in the “library” it’s Banana Joe by Oliver Onions, file-name “bananas001.mp3”. They can’t share it, find it if it’s saved outside the Windows standard folder  “Music”, or copy it to any location….
This media library nonsense has turned people into bafoons!

I know it all for the greater good of having ALL the people in the digital world, but do we really WANT them to participate in this digital world? I know I don’t.

But then again, I don’t want Citrus stench anywhere, but it is considered the refreshing smell of “cleanliness” by most. So I guess you can say, it’s good that I don’t have a say in things, or else every Citrus Orchard would burn…

Circle Journal – 2 Naga (ep 11)

Again they went uphill, at the mill he gathered some more old flour, not entirely sure whether to make something edible out of it at a later date, or to use in conjunction with fire again. “I need a lot of water.” Serpentine slithered a few steps behind Gyle, he was a little familiar with the terrain hence he had the lead. “Normally I’m not out of the water for more than a day.” again with a reassuring smile on his lips he looked over his shoulder. “These mountains have lots and lots of water.” he winked while marching on.

Their route took them out of the narrow gorge, through a soft slope until they came to a high lying mountain lake. Satisfied he looked at the still water. There was a small hut near the shore. “The villagers once used it as quarters for the summers, when their sheep where gracing here. No village, no sheep, no occupants.” Serpentine stared at the lake.

They both knew that they would have to move on in a few days time. Autumn was nearing, and on their altitude autumn meant winter, the lake would freeze over and suffocate Serpentine even in hibernation, and Gyle would freeze in the hut that was not fit for winter.

But for a short amount of time they could enjoy carefree days under the weakening summer sun. Nights spent looking into the glistening, twinkling nightsky of myriads and myriads of stars, while talking about their lives, their impressions of and on aspects of life, their hopes and dreams.

Autumn lead the two far south, near the coast, but in respectful distance to the sea so the other Naga wouldn’t find her, avoiding human contact as well, as to not bring Gyle to harm.

Upon a steep mountain slope Gyle found what he had been hoping for. Thundering from the rocky mound of a cave was a waterfall, a narrow footpath allowed him to enter the cave as well. “We’ll stay in there for the winter!” he yelled over the deafening roar of the waterfall. Doubting his sanity Serpentine looked at the thundering water. The look alone gave her chills. Even though during an eventual hibernation she could survive low temperatures, the water shooting out of the rock looked too cold even for her. “Don’t worry, you can hibernate on land, I shall look after you!” Gyle seemed to have read her thoughts, or at least her expression. During the summery pause at the mountain lake Serpentine had told him that Naga could hibernate when temperatures dropped too low.

The cave extended vastly into the mountainside, in a dry and less noisy side arm they made camp. Serpentine led Gyle through the darkness, her eyes could still see when Gyles couldn’t. Relaxing at a campfire Gyle looked over to his unusual travel companion. They had nicked a cloak and some other warm clothes for her to wear. Still she was freezing most of the time. Following the smoke with his eyes he smiled happily, knowing she was too. The smoke slowly moved along the ceiling of the cave, washed clean by the high humidity of the water thundering through the central corridor, it was barely there when it exited the cave.


Someone nicked the “Close door” button from the elevator in the office.


Is that person sitting at home now and mashing the button in the vane hope of closing the door remotely with it?
It often marvels me why things like that happen.
Not all too long ago someone had nicked the 1st floor button. Perhaps someone is building an elevator in his basement, and soon the Basement buttons will go missing.

I wonder what other useless crap people steal.
Singular Walltiles?

In other news, someone wrote to me “my radio broke down due to technical difficulties”…what else than technical difficulties? Occult attacks by a sect that is spread over twenty different care homes, throwing ectoplasm and other gallert substances with a pulse of 4 attacks per second? No. When a device breaks down it is always due to TECHICAL difficulties.

Unless of course someone nicks parts from it, as the now stuck elevator with the missing button proves.

Saw a sign in a storewindow the other day “Handcrafted Styrian Ice”. Perhaps their buttons got nicked too, so they had to make it by hand?
Oh, I see, Arnold Schwarzenegger came from Styria, and he also was Mr.Freeze, so I guess it IS handcrafted, buttons or no.

At home the blank button in the elevator reminded me, someone had nicked the 3rd Floor button. If it was the same person as in our office building this is even more irritating, at work we have huge circular buttons, at home small square ones. Perhaps the Ground floor (E) is an invert 3 now, and the buttons are a messy mix of different buttons.

Either that or several people are building elevators in their basements. O.o

So much for the buttonmashers. At least touchscreen phones prevent people from using the stolen buttons on their phones…

Circle Journal – 2 Naga (ep 10)

Gentle birdsongs awoke Serpentine. She had, had the best sleep in a long time. Through the cracks of the window shutter she could see her fellow Naga, Gyle had placed small herbal bundles throughout the house to mask their smell.

One of them had a small wound on the back of her head, from their conversations one could gather they truly thought that Gyle had knocked her out. The other was burnt in her face. Her blindness was not permanent, but took her out of the hunt for Serpentine.

Looking around in constant fear of an attack the two lifted off, one guiding the other, since she had been blindened she probably didn’t want to lift off in the narrows of the forest.

“So, you’re the last one that can have babies?” Gyle sat down next to her after the two had left. “Yes. The old one wanted to keep me a prisoner in a cave to have eggs annually, without the risk of me getting killed out there.” Gyle nodded, it was not a bad plan. But not a good one either. “These two would’ve brought me a man and I would’ve been nothing other than an egg laying machine.”

“Are there no Naga men?” Gyle raised a valid question, causing a cynical laugh in Serpentine. “We have no writing, memory gets passed on from our mothers, we barely have history.” she sighed turning to him. “No there are no Naga men.”

She went on explaining that she yearned for a life other than that of a Naga, that her attempts to fight that life was what had saved her life, but she had succumbed to her nature in the end.

“I am that poor stupid Scorpion.” she cried clinging to his shoulder. His warm hands on her back were the most comforting sensation she had ever felt.

“You are a wonderful individual, as we all are a slave to our nature we surely can work around certain aspects of it.” Serpentine felt little comfort in his words.

Intrigued by a thought about the night before she lifted her head from his shoulder. “You said you had no magic within you, yet you summoned fire from your hand last night.” with a gentle sigh Gyle reached into his pocket, drawing out flour in his hollow hand. “No magic. I just threw this into the flames of the campfire, it caught on fire and engulfed her.” he repeated his hand movement throwing a white cloud into the empty room. Baffled Serpentine watched the cloud settle. “They will come back.” Gyle stood up, dusted himself off. “We should get moving.”

If she had had the capability to blush Serpentine would’ve blushed. “We?” startled she got into an upright position as well. “You’re on the run from your people, I’m an outcast, and I like your company. So unless you dislike mine, we could stick together and watch out for one another.” his smile was reassuring again. With a soft nod she accepted his proposition followed him out of the house.

The wiese man’s cape of ignorance…

…shall be your reward for watching this video:

James Bond

Not the character but the.perfume.

I’m wearing it.

It’s not my favorite smell, but it ain’t bad either. What I like best about it isn’t the Bond association (’twas a gift) but its honesty.
It doesn’t try to hide the fact that it’s an industrial perfume. Conjured up by a think tank to serve the masses, and serve it does. It is a methodical smell. Some bloke in a board meeting said “We need a smell for James Bond” and some other blokes went to work. They mixed and tested several smells and one made it.

There wasn’t a master of smells at work who has devoted all his life and magnificence to making perfumes involved. Methodical making, methodical smell.

Unlike some of the other smells out there. The celebrity smells.
They try to mask the fact that they were made the same way I’m describing here. Some chick said she wants a smell named after her, and they went to work.
But there was no effort of soul in it! Not for a single moment is anyone tempted to think that the celebrity in questions smells like that, and only feeble minded pricks would actually believe they sat down for ages and tested out the mixture until it sat right. They got a choice of already made smells. “Pick one and give it your name.”

Yet these smells try to cover their tracks, and attempt (weakly at that) with playful notes to hide their industrial origin.

So all in all, James Bond is honest, as it smells methodical, industrial and like a secret agent. 😉

Note: honesty in a perfume is only to be used losely. A perfume covers your “natural” smell, so aperfume is ALWAYS dishonest, but still in certain smells there is honesty of sorts. People made the smell, and it was so good they decided to go forward, then they looked for a name for it and came up with one.
Only in instances like Celebrity smells and BRand Smells (like James Bond)  the process was the other way around. I’m dead certain of it. Or can you imagine someone mixing the smell in question, sniffing it, and then thinks “This is how James Bond would smell!”
Me neither…

Circle Journal – 2 Naga (ep 9)

The sun was setting behind the mountain the river came down from. Serpentine sat on a rock the sun still shone upon while the village was already cast in dusks twilight.

“I shall overcome my nature.” she sighed after the sun had disappeared behind the treetops, its rays casting light on two shapes in the sky. Quickly Serpentine plunged into the river, followed the stream upwards to the village, from where she wanted to seek out the mill Gyle had mentioned to her.

As she wanted to swim out of the lake a loud splashing noise drew her attention back to the center of the lake one of the two older Naga had dropped into the lake, the other followed a moment later. To Serpentines relief the two went to the village ruins right away, giving her the opportunity to continue her flight.

Crawling out of the shallow water of the river she remembered that she surely must have left tracks in the soft soil at the shore. Never had she anticipated her pursuers to appear in the mountains too. Quitly she slipped into the underbrush of the rivers shoreline. “She has been here. Find her!” one of the two ordered her companion.

Serpentine kept quiet, her wings wrapped around her body she made a successful attempt to climb into a large oak.

Faintly the smell of a campfire reached her nose, surely Gyles campfire. Concerned for his safety she glid from the tree, followed the direction the smoke had come from. The two Naga had found the smell as well, anticipating her at the campfire they followed it.

In front of a desolate house with a mill wheel, all covered with moss, a lone fire burned in the night. Slowly the two Naga approached against the wind, cautiously looking around.

“Might I help you two?” Serpentine was almost shocked as she heard Gyles voice addressing the two Naga. Clearly her fellow Naga were as surprised as she was. They came close to the fire, his shape peeled out of the darkness of the doorframe.

“You are not frightened of us?” one of them voiced their surprise. “Clearly you are not here for me, unless you are particularly frisky.” he smirked an artificial playful smile.

“We seek a young one. She’s vital to our survival, any help would be appreciated.” the other Naga stated in a tense tone. “I met her in the village ruins, she was as surprised of my demeanor as you were. But she stated she wanted to go further north along the coastline.” at first shock followed by relief waved through Serpentine. Emotions she barely had ever felt before.

The two Naga thanked the human, intending to leave. “Oh, I almost forgot,” the first Naga turned to him. “since she is the last fertile living Naga we can’t let a human roam free with knowledge of her whereabouts.” the two demonstratively swung their tail stingers. Although their mating days where gone they still had poison to spare.

Gyle sighed. “So you are frisky ones.” incredibly quickly he moved his right hand forward, a wave of fire engulfed the Naga closest to the fire. Neither Gyl nor the other Naga had a chance to understand the events that unfolded next, as Serpentine had hit the second Naga over the head with a large log.

“Is that you young one?” the first Naga screamed out in a mixture of pain and genuine inquiry. Gyle gestured Serpentine to remain quiet. “No still just me.” he hissed throwing a small rock he had picked from the ground, in another direction to confuse the burnt Naga. “Your friend is unconscious but still alive. You got a taste of my power. Challenge me again and you will suffer greatly.” another few rocks in other directions distracted the burnt Naga further. The rush of blood made it impossible for her to hear where his hissed words came from since they echoed from the narrow walls of the gorge. Quietly he grabbed for his backpack, gesturing Serpentine to withdraw to the village, still trying to find them with her ears the blinded Nagaga turned around. Serpentine and Gyle kept throwing small rocks in the near and far vicinity of her. As they where further away he brocke off a small branch from a tree and wiped the ground, clearing it of their tracks.