Worried that soon she would have to lay her eggs the young Naga had pulled her wings tight around her. “We don’t even have names.” she turned to the old Naga.

“I know. But we can give ourselves names.” the old Naga turned to her smiling. “Naming our daughters would be pretty useless, most of them die before they reach adulthood.” still the young Naga seemed annoyed, was barely listening to the old one.

“Look child, I am in my sixties, and never needed a name, my Nagas call me old one, but I heard them address each other by name, if it means so much to you, I could give you a name?” recognizing the concern on the young ones face she put her hand on her belly. “You can name your offspring, they will not grow up in the sea. We will safeguard them all.” Ignoring the rolling eyes of the younger Naga the elder slithered through the soft ground towards the water. “It is warm enough for you.” she mumbled. There was no way the young hatchlings could escape the basin since it had no connection to the ocean, the underwater entrance to the cave had been covered with a fine net in case they did get out. The young Naga would have to fly out of the cave, she however found herself incapable of doing so as close to laying her eggs as she was.

Aided by the older Naga she moved to the basin and slid in. She was insecure about how to lay her eggs in shallow water, she had never breathed air during that procedure.

Lying with her back up the young Naga listened carefully to the instructions the older barked at her. Although she went through her third time laying eggs, the older was extra cautious. The young Naga stemmed herself up, she felt the pull of the sticky connection her body had formed with the ground. “It’s just as it is down there!” the older Naga tried to calm the younger down. “Breath steadily and push gently with your contractions.”

Rhythmically she moved her hips, gently forcing the first egg down to the ground of the basin, she felt the gentle movement of the egg as it slid out of her body in a gelatinous fluid meant to hold the egg on the ground and to ease it’s descend out of her.

Satisfied the older Naga looked at the nest of five eggs. Her younger guest was lying in the fresh seawater a few meters away, fully submerged she gathered strength from the taxing procedure.

Every year the same procedure.