Would she have to repopulate her entire kind? Disturbed by the thought that she would have to repeat the procedure annually in the cave for at least two decades until the first of her brood reached sexual maturity she sat up, inhaling some of the cool, damp air.

“I will take my leave.” she stated addressing the old one. Shadows of sorrow crossed the expression of the old Naga.

“You should stay here, my Naga can fetch you a man next year.” she raised her eyebrows in the hopes she could convince the young one to stay instead of having to force her. “You are going to force me if I won’t stay. Right?” the old Naga did not need to reply verbally, her expression said it all. The existence of the entire Naga was hanging by a thread, and that thread was the young Naga. Old one could not allow that thread to die while there were no young Naga aroumd who could reproduce by themselves.

“I understand.” the young Naga sighed, already plotting her nightly escape. Perhaps the Naga around the old one were not as protective of the airways as they were of the underwater ways. “For now rest.” the old one smiled calmly, well aware that she had to organize her Naga to guard the skies. She considered a drastic step that wouldn’t draw attention to their island, she would draw her Naga in as soon as her young guest slept.

Gently the tidal forces pulled on her wings, water streamed through her gills. She had stopped sleeping deeply the night she found the breeding ground a graveyard, all the dead, the stench of their demise and the spoiled eggs haunted her dreams.

The gentle waves as the other Naga glid into the water woke her from her light sleep, she smelled their tension in the waters, heard their racing heartbeats.

Remaining calmly on the bottom of the waters she awaited their approach, gently she coiled up her tail beneath her, slow enough for the others not to notice.

The scent of the metal knives the others carried reached her as they came closer, the young Naga waited until they were closer, but yet to far from her to hurt her, and too far from the ground to coil push themselves as she would do.

Explosion like the water flew through the small cave as the young Naga shot out of the waves, she caught herself in mid air and quickly flew higher. Beneath her she saw the perplexed old one, with a few more wing strokes she had left the stone walls behind her and followed the rocky ground to the near seashore.

Well aware of her pursuers, she kept in the air, in the water the older and more experienced Naga had the upper hand, but perhaps she could shake them in the air. Concerned she looked up to the clouds, drew herself higher, the winds were gentle but continuous.

Something passed by her from behind at high velocity.

She risked a look back and saw the other Naga following her. The thing that had passed her was probably non lethal and laced with a sedative, they wanted her in the cave, having eggs, not dead.