Icecold fog enclosed her suddenly.

A cloud.

She stayed within the icy cloud, hoping her pursuers wouldn’t be able, or daring to follow her.

As the sun started to rise, she hoped that she could go lower again, her wings were hurting and the temperature was getting to her. Beneath the clouds it was not as sunny yet, but she had seen the weather change for the better a few times in her life. To her relief there was no trace of her fellow Naga, as she looked down, she realized why.

Solid ground.

Heavy thick green dominated the ground, only rarely a path, a few buildings or rivers broke through it. Fear grew in her heart. For all her life she had never left the ocean as far behind as she had at that moment.

The light of the rising sun glistened on the small water surfaces, directing her lower. She needed rest.

A lake on the side of a soft mountain slope gave her the opportunity for the rest that she needed. Sweet water instead of salt water was only a difference in taste, Naga could breathe in both.

Adjacent to the lake was an abandoned village, by the looks of it, it had been abandoned decades earlier.

Enjoying the warm sunrays that had made it through the clouds she sat on the shore, facing the ruins of the village. Since her landing she knew what had made the people leave their homes. Over time, half the village had tumbled into the lake. The stream supplying the lake had created an underwater current, which had caved out the rock beneath the village.

Until part of it broke off.

At least she’d be alone and in peace there.

“Hello.” startled she jumped from her position, the wings unfolded, ready to flee or fight. A man in his thirties stood not far from her, he had come up a narrow path between the ruins. Confused she stared at him, normally humans, men in particular, were afraid of a Naga. “Don’t fear.” there was a calming tone in his voice that really took all the tension off of her. “You are not afraid of me?” she came to a less tense stance. Softly shaking his head the man came a few steps closer and sat down. “As crazy as it may seem, I am not. You are here in a god forsaken part of the country. Either you are too young to take me,” immediately she felt the odd sensation of being flattered, “or you are already done for this season.” he took off his back pack, pulling out a loaf of bread. Only now she realized that she was pretty hungry.

“I don’t know if it meets your taste, but you can have some.” he threw a piece of bread to her. Still she felt confused but gladly accepted the food. “My people were attacked,” she chewed the bread. Tastes she had never tasted before flooded her senses, it was as if she had entered an entirely different world.”by your people.” she pointed at him.