Chewing too he nodded. “If you want revenge, take it. But let me tell you that I’m the wrong guy.”

Even more confusion rose in her mind. “Either way, I am Gyle, may I ask you what you are called?” torn from thought she looked at him. Admitting that her kind had no names she lowered her eyes. “You ought to have name. How about Serpentine?” he smiled friendly.

Surprised by her own reaction she nodded, more flattery caused her to feel as if she ought to do something, but couldn’t: blush.

While they ate the newly named Serpentine explained to him that she was on the run from other Naga, but left out why. “I’m on the run as well, the people who hunt me think I am a witcher or sorcerer.” Curios Serpentine looked at him. “But there is no magic in my bones, only a little bit of knowledge that I have gathered.” he sighed with a hint of sadness “Unlike the other people who have learned nothing, at least not enough to know about the weather, the sea and the delicate balance we all form.”

Slowly it dawned on Serpentine, Gyle had been opposing the plan to attack the Naga, using his knowledge that they only came once a year to claim one man for reproductive purposes and nothing more. No hatred was involved in the Nagas doing, and people killed each other for far less than survival of the species, in far greater numbers than the annual deaths caused by the Naga. “You do not bear a grudge against my kind? I myself have had to end a mans life recently.”

Gyle smiled slightly. “You said it. You have had to. From these words I gather that you did not want to.” he packed the rest of the bread away again. “There once was a scorpion, he wanted to cross the river but it was too wild and deep for him to do it. Suddenly he spotted a fox near him and asked him to bring him to the other side of the river. The fox responded that the scorpion was going to sting him and he’ll die. To which the scorpion replied that he himself would drown and die too. So the fox thought about it and agreed seeing the point of the scorpion. Right in the middle of the river the fox felt the sudden sting of the scorpions tail. As he felt his strength flee his limbs and deaths grasp on his heart he turned to the scorpion and asked why he did that, since they’ll both drown and die now. ‘It’s in my nature.’ replied the scorpion.” sighing he looked at Serpentines sad golden eyes. “Why would I harbour a grudge against you or your kind? All you did and will do is to preserve your kind.” he smiled reassuring.

As he got up he explained that he wanted to life in an old mill upstream, and she’d be a welcomed guest.

Thanking him for the hospitality she remained on the shore, sinking deeper into thought all the while.