Elections are nighing, and I haven’t got a clue who to cast my vote for.

It’s an election between old people and crazy people!
Sometimes both!

  • People’s party? Old folks. And if you are a company and you need a favor – ask them, because you know, people…
  • Socialist party? Old people and dim wits. They’re so social, they sold us and their souls to the EU!
  • Green party. Nutjobs. Just because they’re left wing, doesn’t mean they’re electable! Only thing keeping them a float are university students who know naught of real life.
  • Communist party? Old, old folks. Most of them are half dead, and their ideas are as outdated as the advertisings of our military “Our forces could hold back the soviet army an entire day”…good for you.
  • Freedom Party? Holy shit, someone call the asylum, a bunch of their patients broke lose and are terrorizing the country!
  • “Union for the Future”? Uhm, center to right wing, crazies and old folks.
  • Neos. NEOS! What a wonderful bunch of know-not’s and can-not’s. Their entire program is based on education, and the rest it takes to govern apparently is neglectable and should be outsourced.
  • Frank. Frank Stronach is, to put i mildly, a crazy old geezer. Just because you know economics, doesn’T mean you know people’s economics! A country isn’t a company! Stop it you lunatic old fart!

There ARE others, but not worth mentioning. Or would you like to hear about the royalists? They have one problem though – who should be the new emperor? They don’t know either, so I guess you can say – frak it.

Of course the variety of choices is nice to have, but I think it is not important whether you have to choose between two bowls of shit or eight. Shit, stays shit.

Gods help us….I trust none of these people to lead the country, and I trust none of their decisions for the future. Neither for me, let alone for my son’s future!

Old men (and women) who won’t be around when “the future” is here, ought not make decisions for the future. PERIOD!