Gentle birdsongs awoke Serpentine. She had, had the best sleep in a long time. Through the cracks of the window shutter she could see her fellow Naga, Gyle had placed small herbal bundles throughout the house to mask their smell.

One of them had a small wound on the back of her head, from their conversations one could gather they truly thought that Gyle had knocked her out. The other was burnt in her face. Her blindness was not permanent, but took her out of the hunt for Serpentine.

Looking around in constant fear of an attack the two lifted off, one guiding the other, since she had been blindened she probably didn’t want to lift off in the narrows of the forest.

“So, you’re the last one that can have babies?” Gyle sat down next to her after the two had left. “Yes. The old one wanted to keep me a prisoner in a cave to have eggs annually, without the risk of me getting killed out there.” Gyle nodded, it was not a bad plan. But not a good one either. “These two would’ve brought me a man and I would’ve been nothing other than an egg laying machine.”

“Are there no Naga men?” Gyle raised a valid question, causing a cynical laugh in Serpentine. “We have no writing, memory gets passed on from our mothers, we barely have history.” she sighed turning to him. “No there are no Naga men.”

She went on explaining that she yearned for a life other than that of a Naga, that her attempts to fight that life was what had saved her life, but she had succumbed to her nature in the end.

“I am that poor stupid Scorpion.” she cried clinging to his shoulder. His warm hands on her back were the most comforting sensation she had ever felt.

“You are a wonderful individual, as we all are a slave to our nature we surely can work around certain aspects of it.” Serpentine felt little comfort in his words.

Intrigued by a thought about the night before she lifted her head from his shoulder. “You said you had no magic within you, yet you summoned fire from your hand last night.” with a gentle sigh Gyle reached into his pocket, drawing out flour in his hollow hand. “No magic. I just threw this into the flames of the campfire, it caught on fire and engulfed her.” he repeated his hand movement throwing a white cloud into the empty room. Baffled Serpentine watched the cloud settle. “They will come back.” Gyle stood up, dusted himself off. “We should get moving.”

If she had had the capability to blush Serpentine would’ve blushed. “We?” startled she got into an upright position as well. “You’re on the run from your people, I’m an outcast, and I like your company. So unless you dislike mine, we could stick together and watch out for one another.” his smile was reassuring again. With a soft nod she accepted his proposition followed him out of the house.