“I saw tracks of some boars out there. We’re going to feast royally during our stay.” irritated Serpentine looked at him. She had no idea what a boar was, but she trusted him that it was delicious.

Another explosion of previously unknown tastes flooded Serpentines senses, as she ate from the boar tha Gyle had brought. The Animal was huge, it surprised her that a man like Gyle with a rather weak physique could’ve killed it. “It was a trap.” he pointed at the animal, indicating that he trapped the boar and did not hunt it down. Acknowledging Serpentine nodded, she was asking herself how good fish might taste when prepared the human way, instead of raw.

One of these days she’d have to ask Gyle. Before that however she had to sleep.

Exhausted Serpentine was laning against a log they had brought into the cave. “I’m tired.”

Gyle looked up, genuine worry in his eyes. “Hibernation or just a good nights sleep?”

Oblivious to the answer Serpentine shrugged her shoulders, all her limbs felt as heavy as lead, she had hibernated before but never on land.

“I will take care of you either way.” he smiled working on the skin and fur if the boar. “Thank you kindly.” she breathed feeling the cold of early winter pull her into hibernation.

Gyle came to the small house with a dead boar behind him on a tow. As she saw him Serpentine got up. Surprised she looked down on herself to see her feet in the short grass around the hut. “Papa!” the voice of a child screamed from her side. A small boy had emerged from the house. “May I help him Mama?” baffled and overwhelmed with joy Serpentine nodded, to which the little boy ran off towards Gyle and his boar.

The wonderful taste of boar, roasted on the open fire, a few slices of bread on the side, was filling the following supper.

Still the smell of roasting meat was lingering in Serpentines nose as she opened her eyes. But a few things had changed around her. There were two dead boars lying in the cavern, she had been covered with fur. At the fire place she could see a man.

His hair was a mess and his beard was covering the major part of his face. Startled she rose up, only to discover she had difficulty rising from the soft furry underground. The strange man at the fire raised his eyebrows. “You’re awake.” Gyles voice stated. Serpentine looked at the man intensely. “Oh! Sorry about the beard, I meant to shave it but the light in here is terrible.” he smiled. Calmed down Serpentine sank back onto the bed that Gyle had made for her. With a few words he explained to her that she had slept for a few months, spring was around the corner, he had not anticipated her to awake when she did.

“I probably woke because I haven’t eaten enough before.” she glanced to a roasting piece of flesh. Only slowly did she feel the cold in the cavern, which was the reason why Gyle kept the dead boars near. Predators and Scavengers would consume it further out before they froze.

Closer to the fire they’d spoil.

Or so Serpentine assumed.